Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello, How are you?

Quinn turned 1 last week and decided to show us how he can talk too! My kids first 4 word sentence!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Room

This is what I made today. I have been working little by little, project by project, craft by craft to make our house cuter. I decided the bedroom needed some serious help. So...this is what I did for starters.
I bought some blank canvas' and some fabric to cover them in. Of course since it's me, there was NO sewing involved in any of this. Staple gun and pins. That's it. Oh and a hot glue gun too. Used a hot glue gun and some extra coordinating fabric to make some rosettes.

pinned some pleats, then stapled it in the back and took the pins out and wa la, it stayed!

scrapbook ribbon for the bow

used my cricut to print vinyl for the "love"

Finished product hanging above my bed! I am quite proud of myself. I love and it and get this, the hubs does too!!!!! Yaay for me!

Get a Grip

I think its time for a new tennis racket. It isn't 1998 anymore and my hands are proof that my tennis racket IS from 1998! We went and played for a while the other night and the grip was shredding off into my hands. The frame is now cracked. Too bad my birthday isn't til October! lol...