Friday, July 31, 2009

Are you related?

Krista and Isobel (3 wks), Brittany and Quinn (5wks), Claudia and Bella (8wks), Alex, Reese and Everett (7wks)

While I was in Cali, I met up with a few of my friends from church who all happened to have babies around the same time Quinn was born.

We met at Panera Bread and the looks we received were comical. People kept coming up to us admiring all the newborns. They asked us if we were related. I mean really? Check out my blonde hair. My fair skin. Do we LOOK related? Not so much. We were even asked if we all planned to get pregnant together. Seriously? I wish it were that easy to say ok friends! Let's do it. Wouldn't it be fun? Let's all have babies together. Starting next month we are all going to get pregnant ok? Great! See you in 9 months. Once again...NOT so much. Nonetheless, it was really funny.

I can understand the stares and questions. The fact that all of us have babies within a couple weeks apart is really amazing. I am glad I was able to meet up with them and spend some time with them and talk about the sleep we aren't getting, breastfeeding and other baby stories together.

Let's do it again!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Quinn has been smiling for a couple weeks now but I was convinced he didn't like my voice. He was ALWAYS smiling for my mom. Big open mouth smiles. I tried and tried and if I tried long and hard enough would get a little wimpy smile. Then pass him to my mom and instantly she would get the big genuine grins. Sad. Well this morning I was on a mission. I wanted to catch his first smiles BY ME on camera. I tried and tried and didn't succeed. Finally I decided to change him into his clothes for the day and change his diaper. I left him in his diaper for a minute and just talked to him. I tried a VERY obnoxiously high pitch voice and it worked! I got real smiles from him. He officially likes his mommy now. I am embarrassed to talk like that in front of anyone, but hey! I got smiles!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rolling Around

Thought rolling around in my head today:

**Back to reality, I still live in AZ. Even though I felt like I had never left when I went back home to visit, I realized quickly when I woke up this morning in AZ, that Ih ad left, MOVED and don't live there anymore.

**It was nice to go back to sleep this morning after Quinns 6am feeding. Usually Kasen is here waking up right when I finish. But as nice as it was, I miss Kasen.

**Why won't he stop crying? He is just overly tired and fights sleep so much! I forgot how hard a newborn is!

**What's for dinner tonight? I am officially dieting now that I am back from vacation. I want to lose about 10 more lbs to be at my goal weight.

**He is finally asleep in my arms but I don't want to move for fear of waking him up and starting the whole scream fest all over again.

**I miss my mom.

**We have a ton of family from both sides coming into town on Friday for Quinn's blessing and I don't know how to entertain that many people. Or feed that many mouths!

**I need to put new pictures up in my house. They are all so outdated from when Kasen was like 1.5....NONE of us look like those pictures anymore. Well maybe Bailey does. That's it though.

**Mastitis is NOT for the weak. Or for those who have trouble taking pills. 4 times a day for 10 days. BLAH.

**Its already 109 out and its 4pm. Still a few more degrees to go til the heat of the day. Thanks heavens for AC.

**I saw a few ants on my counter and now I can't stop itching....

**baby is crying again. I guess I have no more thoughts right now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo Session

I had my friend Alex come over a few days after we got to Cali to take some pics of my boys and some newborn pics of Quinn. She said she needed more experience and wanted some more pics for her portfolio. That being said, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had seen some of her work and really liked it and that's why I chose her. She came over and we got to business. She took about 100 pictures and I couldn't wait to get them back.

Well let me just was worth the wait! I am ridiculously in love with them. I am absolutely please with the way they turned out. She edited a few and some of them didn't even need that. She did such a great job. I highly recommend her. Click on her name above and it takes you to her photography blog where you can see more samples of her work. are some of the pictures I love the most. There might be a lot, it's hard to choose.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grandparents Video

This is quite the boring video unless you REALLY care. It's more for my parents and Jeremy's parents. This is the first tummy time Quinn really had. He did really well. He actually didn't mind it at all. More than I can say for Kasen at that age. Or any age for that matter. He hated it.

The awesome blanket he is laying on was hand made by Quinns great grandma Hansen. Kasen actually LOVES it! He LOVES hearts. It's such a beautiful blanket with a heart sewn in the middle of it. So nice. Thank you Grandma!

You will probably have to scroll to the very bottom and pause the music in order to hear his cute little sounds!

The boys

these are my boys at 4 weeks each....

definitely brothers! One has just a bit more hair!

4 Weeks Old!

I am SO sad that Quinn is already 4 weeks old. Time has gone by so fast. I'm so rateful to have him as part of our lives and part of our family. He is so sweet and makes us so happy. We all love him so very much.

Things Quinn likes doing at 4 weeks:

**Farting. I put this as number 1 because he can't stop doing it. He stretches? he farts. He lays down? He farts. He gets his diaper off? He farts. He definitely has some Campbell blood in him. I really have to watch what I eat so I don't make it worse for him.

**Eat. He is doing better and better at eating all the time. He really has the hang of it and I really can't complain at all about his habits. The only thing that drives me a little nuts is that he will fall asleep after eating on one side and leave the other side full and engorged. Having a history of mastitis, I can't just leave it full and feed him on that side first next time. I have to pull out the pump and empty.

**Poop. I can't remember the last time I changed his diaper where there WASN'T poop in it. At least they aren't too messy or smelly yet with the breastmilk.

**Sit in his bouncer. He really likes to sit in his bouncer and feel the vibrations and listen to the annoying music that it plays.

**Suck on his Paci. This is a soother for him. He likes to suck and I don't always like to be that for him, so he has a paci. He really likes it. I don't know that he likes it as much as Kasen liked his, but only time will tell.
**Tummy time. I am so surprised at this since Kasen absolutely HATED it. He loves to sleep on his tummy. Lay on his tummy and have tummy time on a blanket. Of course he only sleeps on his tummy when he is laying on my chest, or when he is supervised. I know the risks.

My camera has a bright orange light that shines when it tries to focus. It made his eyes go crazy :)
**Pat-a-cake. This seems to really entertain him when you play pat a cake with his feet. I am very animated and dramatic when I do it and you can tell he enjoys it. You can tell he is REALLY trying to smile. Every once in a while you get a small half grin. Enough to know that he wants you to keep playing.

Look at that large noggin! Guess he takes after his daddy and brother.

This is close to his favorite face to make. It's so cute. When he is content and just sitting there he makes this little O with his mouth. So cute.

That's about it right now. I wish I could say sleep, but as of right now it's not one of his favorites. His Dr has decided that he has colic. He screams and screams and is unconsolable. It is worse at night. He takes little naps inbetween screaming. I am currently trying to eliminate things from my diet hoping that it will make a difference. I haven't had dairy since Thursday and it seems to be helping a lot...during the day that is. He still gets crazy at night and cries for a good 2-3 hours. At 2 weeks old he had an ear infection and the screaming started shortly after he started the antibiotics so I thought maybe he was just in pain or maybe even had a reaction to the meds, but he is ok now, off the meds and ears cleared up and still is a screamer. Good thing I love him so much! I just feel bad for him cause you can just tell he is in pain. We tried reflux precautions per the Dr and those didn't seem to help so she doesn't think thats the problem. She could only contribute it to colic. Hopefully this is the real cause and will only last a couple more months! Here's hopin!

We love you Quinnos!
(As Kasen calls him)

Thank you for coming into our lives!

4th of July

This year we had a pretty mellow 4th. It was actually nice. I don't have a lot of energy these days so it was just nice to have Jeremy home and hang out with us and be able to spend some quality time with my boys. Especially Kasen. We started out the day by making cookies! Jeremy contributed by showing me how to use my kitchenaid that I got YEARS ago for a Mothers Day gift. OMG! I am so sad that it's been sitting around for so long with dust on it. I will be using it a lot more now that I know how and have seen how simple it is!

M&M and Walnut! YUM!

All decked out in our red white and blue!

After that we all just played around and then took naps. We had some dinner and got ready to go to the fireworks in Chandler. It was HUGE. The park it was at was ridiculously packed with people and cars. It was still so much fun. When we pulled into the park it was 8pm and 102 outside! Blah! They had TONS of bouncy houses for the kids and even water bouncy houses. Kasen wore his bathing suit and got to enjoy the slides. The fireworks started around 930 pm and let me tell you...they were actually TOO long. People were getting up and leaving and you kept hearing moms all round telling their kids "ok here is the grand finale it's not" but about 35 minutes later, the grand finale started and last about 10 seconds. Jeremy and I both agreed that they should have combined the last 15 minutes into the grand finale and just been done with it. Kasen absolutely LOVED them of course.

We knew he would. It was Quinn I was worried about, but he did really well. He slept the whole time until about 10 minutes til the end. He only woke up cause he was hungry. We waited in our car to get out of the parking lot for an hour. I ended up having to feed him in the car. Awesome. I am not so fond of having to feed him outside of my house. I will get into that in another post.

All in all it was a good successful 4th! We are so lucky and grateful to live in a country like the one we do!


This is a picture of Bailey begging for food. While we were eating dinner the other night, Kasen ran up to her and started laughing and taunting her with food in his hand (every day occurrence) and wouldn't leave her alone. I told him to stop teasing her and go eat his food. He couldn't stop laughing so I looked and she had this sticker on her nose. I immediately assumed it was Kasen who put it there and he denied it. She must have sniffed if and from there it just got stuck. She didn't seem to mind at all, we had food. That was her #1 priority. So funny!

Yes, I am well aware she is shaggy and needs a haircut! You can't even see her eyes! She will be getting one from out trusty groomer on Saturday when we go home to visit! :)