Monday, February 16, 2009

My Heart Day

Consisted of being with the ones I love. Kasen and Jeremy.

I woke up and Jeremy made me breakfast. Toast and eggs. Same ole same ole. But it's still nice to have someone else make it for me. After I ate, my present was for me to go get a pedicure since I can't really do my toes myself anymore. THAT was relaxing. I got a REALLY sweet love card from Jeremy. It made me cry, surprise surprise.

For Jeremy I used Kasen's window markers and wrote all over his side of the bathroom mirror "I love you" with a bunch of hearts. I then went into our bedroom and wrote down the middle mirror on our closet doors a love letter. The mirrors are about 9 ft tall I would guess? I filled the whole middle mirror and probably could have done more. I got him a box of chocolates that I just remembered I forgot to give him! LOL!! Wow. Shows your where my spacey brain is at! Whoops! He will have a surprise waiting for him when he gets home from work today. bad. Kasen and I also made him this canvas. Like I have said before, and as it shows below in the card we got Kasen....something that we have always said to each other (me jeremy and Kasen) is "I love you to the moon and back" so Kasen helped me make this canvas for his daddy!

For Kasen: he had been talking about making heart shaped brownies ALL week long. I am not really sure where he got the idea from, but he would MUCH rather have brownies than cookies anyday. So I just kept ignoring him. Telling him maybe another day. When Friday came, we baked the brownies and (when I say we, I mean Jeremy. I fell asleep at like 9, and had to have Jeremy make them after Kasen and I went to bed)....I got him a HUGE card, wrote with hearts and different colors in it, got him some chocolate dippers and made him his heart shaped brownie decorated with a little icing.

For dinner: We went to dinner, it was alright, but oh well. You live and learn. It was the first time we had been to that restaurant and will probably never go back. It was still fun. We got home around 9, and I fell alseep while Jeremy was putting Kasen to bed. I am SUCH a party pooper these days!!

Nice smile Kasen- he had cheese pizza for dinner! He is starting to branch out! I LOVE IT!

We had fun, it was a great day, I love being with my honeys, and I LOVED getting my toes done!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Such a cute kid!

(he just woke up from his nap and has sweet bed head)

I had to bribe Kasen to do this with me, he just ate a whole bag of cookies while answering the questions. (100 Calorie Pack)

I saw this on my sister in laws blog, who saw it on a friends blog and I thought it was way too cute to NOT do.

What's your name? Kasen
What is your favorite color? purple
What is your favorite ride at Disneyland? the Peter Pan Ride
What is your favorite breakfast? waffle with butter on it
What is your favorite lunch? mac and cheese spirals
What is your favorite dinner? basketti
What is your favorite kind of juice? orange juice
What is your favorite snack? cookies
What is your favorite movie? Star Wars #1
What is your favorite book? uh, my favorite book is the Easter one that has eggs in it
What is your favorite song? When Jesus Christ was baptized
What food do you NOT like? I don't like meatballs
How many people love you? you (pointing to me) and daddy and grandma and grandpa and the baby and bailey
What is your favorite toy? my peter pan hat
What is your favorite holiday? Valentines Day
What is your favorite #? 5
What do you like to take to bed with you? I dont know. My blue blankie.
What do you want to do tomorrow? I want to play outside
How old is daddy? ::sighing:: I dont know. (I told him to guess) 45
How old is mommy? 65 ::giggling::
What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be a fast jumper and a fast runner
What's your favorite game with daddy? hide and seek
When you can drive, where will you drive first? you mean my dad? (asking again slowly) Im going to go to old mcdonalds for lunch
Are you going to get married? yessss
To who? Brielle when she grows up- she is 4 like me. She just had a birthday.
What is your favorite animal? a horsie and a cow
Who do you think is SO cute? ME (he says about himself)
What are your favorite clothes? my peter pan shirt and my striped shorts (they are plaid)
Who do you like to play with? Brielle and Bronwen
What are you thankful for? uh, Im thankful for my Mommy and my Daddy
Why? because I love 'em
What is your favorite TV Show? Land Before Time
What is your favorite color jelly bean? purple
What is your favorite ice cream? peanut butter
Who is daddy's wife? Brittany
How much does mommy love you? to the moon and back and lots
What do we do on Sundays? we go to church
Who do you want to go see? Santa Clause
Who does mommy love? Kasen
Where do your cousin's live? California

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun Filled

On Saturday we went to Birch Aquarium with some good friends of ours. We had free tickets from like 2 Christmas' ago from my sister and we just FINALLY remembered to use them. We only had to pay for Kasen once we got there so it wasn't too bad. The weather wasn't the best, but for the most part it was all inside. The tide pools and the shark "exhibit" were outside and we just waited til it stopped raining to go out and came back in when it started again.

I am definitely glad we didn't pay too much to go. It was fun, the company was fun, but the actual aquarium wasn't all that great.

While Jeremy went to park the car, he dropped Kasen and I off out front so we didn't have to walk. How sweet. Kasen and I took a picture of ourselves while we were waiting.

Kasen "explaining" what all the fish were to Jeremy. Notice the Peter Pan in his hand that he carried in his hand the WHOLE time we were there?
This is was the first tank we stopped at. Lots of fish that you can't see, but you can see how intrigued Kasen and Ethan were.

This is the cool octopus that kept crawling back and forth from one side of the window to the other, as if to show people how his little suction cups work. It was really fascinating actually.

This was Kasen and Jeremy looking over the balcony at the beautiful ocean view in La Jolla.
The beautiful view.....

I asked Kasen and Ethan to get together so that I could take a picture of them together. Kasen ran up to Ethan and put his arn around him and Ethan FREAKED out. He just wanted to stand next to him. It was pretty funny since ALL day Ethan was crowding Kasen shoulder to shoulder at the exhibits. Making Kasen SO mad cause he was hovering. He would go stand RIGHT next to him and put his shoulders up against Kasen's and just start pushing him. He couldn't and WOULDN'T stand a foot or even a few inches away. Just on top of Kasen. So it was a bit funny when Kasen wanted to put his arm around Ethan just for the picture and Ethan freaked out. Taste of his own medicine!
A couple family pictures overlooking the view....

Jeremy and I
The Horne Family and The Bruce Family

After we left we went to El Torito for lunch because kids eat Free on Saturdays. Perfect. Then we went to Deseret Book since we were about 1 minute away. While we were there I saw the little Book Of Mormon action figures and pulled this one off the shelf fully knowing that Kasen would be able to answer my question since he has learned about Moroni in FHE and in Primary.
I pulled it off the shelf and asked "Kasen who is this?" he replied..... "C3PO mom!"
I guess we need to have a few more FHE's about Angel Moroni and start watching a little less Star Wars. lol....
All in all we had a great day and we really enjoyed hanging out with the Horne's! Thanks guys!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well tomorrow is the day I have been dreading since I found out I was pregnant. I've been nervous, anxious and worried. I am driving with my mom to UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest (forever away) to have an echocardiogram done on my sweet baby boy in the womb. Apparently with my diabetes, there is a chance that he can develop heart disease or defects. I had gestational diabetes with Kasen, and this possibility was NEVER mentioned to me. Of course, I had Kaiser and they don't give you anything. This time around I asked if it's different from when you have gestational or Type 2, my OB told me no and that I should have been checked with Kasen as well. Just another blessing/ miracle that Kasen came out ok! This is the type of echo he will be receiving since he is still in the womb.

Transthoracic echocardiogram: This is the standard echocardiogram. It is a painless test similar to X-ray, but without the radiation. The procedure uses the same technology used to evaluate a baby's health before birth. A hand-held device called a transducer is placed on the chest and transmits high frequency sound waves (ultrasound). These sound waves bounce off the heart structures, producing images and sounds that can be used by the doctor to detect heart damage and disease.

I keep telling myself, as does my mom, that everything will be ok. I am trying really hard to have faith and believe that. I know the Lord will take care of my sweet little boy, as He has done so far through this pregnancy. But of course, I am human and still have nerves. I will have Jeremy give me a blessing tonight, and just keep saying prayers that it will all be ok, either way.

I know this baby was given to our family for a reason, and I am not going to look past that. I know I need to be strong, and calm down. I have a precious little blessing in my tummy and I won't take that for granted.

I will post tomorrow night after the test and let everyone know how it goes.