Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is Quinn and his giraffe blanky. He LOVES this blanket. He sleeps better with it, falls asleep faster and is really comforted by it! Thank you Gramie! :)

He loves to snuggle with it. Every time we give it to him, he cuddles it up by his face and sometimes covers his face and falls asleep. He loves to suck on it. Its so cute!

Just a couple random cute pictures I took of him the other day.

My new hair. I got bangs. I haven't had bangs since 8th grade and to be honest Im not so sure I like them. They don't tuck behind my ear and I HATE having hair in my face. So they might be better once they grow out a little. Other than that though, I love the color and I love the cut. Jeremy told me I had Jennifer Aniston hair. I ignored him cause I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The much awaited jammies...


Kasen has been looking for and wanting Peter Pan jammies for a really long time now. Nowhere, anywhere has anything Peter Pan. Well my wonderful mother found some random website in June that was starting to make them, but wasn't shipping until the end of August. Well when he finally realized it was August, the countdown began. He would ask me, his teacher as school, everyone he could talk to what the date was and how many more days til the end of August. When August 31st came around, it was THE day he had been looking forward to. He knew the jammies would be coming anytime. Well...yesterday was THEE day. As soon as the doorbell rand I was expecting someone else, but when I saw the box on the door step and looked at the address label my heart started pounding. This was it. The package we had been anxiously awaiting for months. I was so giddy. I immediately called my parents and let them know their present had arrived. I couldn't WAIT for Kasen to get home from school. I knew how excited he would be. I was more excited that I wouldn't have to hear..."mommy we should get my peter pan jammies, we should order them, when will I get them?" or any alternative of that question, every single day.

I picked him up and ran home to get the package before we went to a friends house...I made him stay in the car while I went in and got it. I filmed his was just as I thought it would be...see for yourself...


Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Green Lake

We had a huge storm this morning. It lasted for hours. Thunder. Lightning. Rain. Flooding. This is a picture of the green belt behind our house. It was like a lake. It flooded really bad. Kasen wanted to go play in the muddy backyard so we let him.

VIDEOS ATTACHED. You will have to scroll down and turn off my music player to hear the videos.

Jeremy decided to take Bailey out to the greenbelt behind our house and Kasen wanted to go too...

They had a ton of fun and came straight home and all 3 got in the shower together! :)

Update on Rash

It's getting a tiny tid bit better. He was a little cranky last night and the poor baby cannot stop itching his head. He is DIGGING at it. I cut his nails in hopes that he doesn't cut himself in the prcoess of itching. Here is a picture from this morning.
Once again blogger is uploading my pictures in the wrong direction. Anyone know why? It's save as vertical but uploads it horizontal. Grr.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bug Bites

Well Quinn slept with me the other night and when I woke up with him in the middle of the night I saw 2 red bumps on his arm. I just thought he had gotten bit by something and felt bad for him. Well when he woke up yesterday morning....he had LOTS of bug bites. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were all over his arm, both arms. And one on his cheek.

It's progressively gotten worse and is now ALL over his body.

Thankfully I had a Dr appt yesterday morning anyway for him to get his ear re-checked from his infection. Turns out Quinn is allergic to the antibiotics he was on. He had been on them for 7 days. Took them when he was 2 weeks old as well for an ear infection and didnt react then. It took him 7 days to react this time. The Dr said some people can be on meds for 30-40 years and all of a sudden develop an allergy. So...I guess no more Amoxicillin for Quinners.

These were taken last night, and its way worse this morning. They had to put him on a new antibiotic because the amoxicillin wasn't working and the infection wasn't gone, so lets hope he is ok with this new one.

Maybe I won't be going to girls night out tonight afterall. :(

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On my mind...

Just some stuff I'm thinking about today.

*I need someone to watch Kasen for an hour tonight so we can go to curriculum night. No one is volunteering. Is my kid THAT bad? Sad. Guess he will have to come with even though he isn't supposed to.

*My house smells so good right now. I love crock pot cooking!

*Quinn is starting to wake up and I'm not ready to feed him again yet. Go back to sleep little baby.

*I really need to get my booty motivated and on the treadmill that sits in my kitchen.

*Im really in the mood to craft right now thanks to Autumn and her Super Saturday! Im excited to help out!

*I wish we had plans this weekend for Labor Day. Maybe something will come up last minute. If not, we are on our own to make some fun! :)

*Excited about the mommy night out movie night on Friday with some friends.

*Is washing the last load of laundry right now. Yipee! It's never ending!

*Maybe I will wash Kasens sheets and make THAT the last load.

* I miss Kasen today

*Guess I better go feed Quinn.

*I need to take more pictures. I haven't in a while. I need to take more of Kasen too.

So long for now...