Thursday, August 30, 2007

LDS Moms of North County

Crystal and I have started a playgroup that we would like to invite ANYONE to join. Just follow the link under the badge, and you can see our meetups. Feel free to join, and if you have any suggestions for playgroups, let us know. We are happy to add them. We are working on fixing up the site, it's about 30 minutes brand new. So please join, and come play!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My handsome boy!

Yesterday Kasen and I were outside watching Jeremy wash down our inflatable pool. He was just hanging out in his underwear because it was SOOO dang hot out. He is always asking me if he can take his clothes off and run around in his underwear because he is "all sweaty" he was sitting in a chair about a foot away from me so I decided to start snapping some shots. I am not very good at using a camera, I mean I know how to take a simple basic picture. But I really want to start taking BETTER pictures and eventually get a NICE camera. It's on my birthday list and if I don't get it then, it will be on my Christmas list. :) So my goal was just to get a nice CLOSE up picture of just Kasen's head. After a few pics of the mint green chair, I decided to use a red blanket as a backdrop so that wouldn't wash out his see through skin so much. Not the best pictures, but I am working on it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The San Diego Zoo

Kasen and I went to the zoo earlier this week with a friend and her daughter. It was totally hot, like 93 degrees, and we all were exhausted by the time we went home. Here are a few pictures of Kasen's first trip to the zoo. Next time, we will be going in December!!! Clearly we didn't make it very far into the zoo since it was just WAY too hot and the kids started to get tired and cranky. That's ok. We still had fun!!

READ "Family Feud" POST FIRST!

We made it!! We auditioned on Saturday, and got the postcard on Tuesday! We are just patiently awaiting their phone call now! Hopefully it comes! Yaay for us!

Family Feud

Last weekend, my parent's, Jeremy and I, and my sister Jen went to LA to audition for the Family Feud. We were all really nervous and my dad even gave us mock questions on the way up to the show. My dad and I even drank some redbull so that we would be happy and spazzy.

When we got there, we drove into the parking lot and there were others families staring us down. It was pretty funny, because we were in our car talking trash too. So it was all fair. We got out of the car and walked to the conference room where the auditions were being held. (at some hotel)

They made us fill out a bunch of paperwork and called us up to take our picture. I wish I would have gotten a copy of it for scrapbooking purposes, but I didn't! Dang!

They told us they were going to call 2 families up at a time for a mock show. They were going to ask us two questions and it didn't matter who won or lost because they just wanted to see who would be a better support system to their team members.

They taught us how to huddle and pretend to look over at the other team, they taught us how to high five, and they taught us how to give a BS answer if we couldn't think of the right one. They taught us how to say "good answer!!" whether it was good or awful! They taught us a lot of useful information that I am POSITIVE we will use in our every day life! ie: Kasen are you a boy or a girl? BOY!!! ::Good answer!! HIGH FIVE!!::

So there were 11 teams there. We were the first ones there so we sat in the front row. After filling out our paper work we looked back and realized we were the minority. That's totally ok. Just surprised us a bit. 5 of the teams were African American, 2 were Hispanic, and 4 were Caucasian (us). :)

We were the first ones to get called up along with some other team. They asked the first quesstion, we won!! They asked the 2nd question, we won!!! We cheered like no other, laughed at each other and continuously gave high fives! We were VERY spirited!

They told us as we were leaving that if we made it, they would send us a postcard in the mail telling us so. That if we haven't received a postcard within 2 weeks to stop waiting by the mailbox and that we didn't make it. So we left feeling hopeful, but not guaranteed.

It was a fun experience and we all knew that whether we made it or not, it was a once in a lifetime experience.

My Sweet Family

This is the picture that we took for our ward website. It turned out really dark, but I lightened it up a bit. I think we look special. lol...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Celebrity Look-Alikes

You know it's funny...when I was a senior in high school and went to go get my senior pics taken, the photographer told me that I looked like a young Christie Brinkley. When I was in high school, I did a little modeling at the time, so to me....that was the BEST compliment ever. Although I never saw that I looked like her, apparently I still do. I still don't see it, but will accept it since she is a total hot mama!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Bash

Yesterday was Jeremy's birthday. My mom watched Kasen so that Jeremy and I could go out together by ourselves. It was SOOO nice. Jeremy and I haven't been out without Kasen in a long time ALONE. No other couples with us. It was wonderful. We needed to bond again, and to be able to sit across the table from each other and hold hands. To be able to walk and hold hands, to have Jeremy open the car door for me. It was so nice. Did I mention that already?

Here are a couple pictures we took at dinner. The pictures that are darker, are because I had to turn the flash off so that Jeremy could actually keep his eyes open!! I tried to lighten then without making them look all weird, but I think you can tell still.

After dinner, which by the way was SO dang tasty. We went to a place called Bellagio's Ristorante in San Diego. We had a coupon and it was great!! Jeremy and I both liked ours, a lot! So yeah, after dinner, we went to Old Navy to pass a little time before our movie started. I had given Jeremy the option of dinner, nickel arcade, then movie. Dinner or nickel arcade, or dinner and movie. He chose dinner and movie. I had planned the Bourne Ultimatum but then when I told him about it he chose the Simpson movie? Ok. So we went and saw that and then went to Applebees for dessert afterwards. It was a fun night, and I am SO glad we got to do it alone! Thanks mom and dad for watching Kasen!! We BOTH appreciate it a ton!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bubble Mania!

On Sunday mornings when Kasen gets his bath, Jeremy is the one who runs the water and supervises because he is home to do it.

Well yesterday when Kasen took his bath, he wanted bubbles, so Jeremy let him pour the bubbles in. Apparently he turned his head and Kasen poured in over half the bottle of bubbles in the tub! Kasen didn't mind though. He thought it was great. The only thing he did mind was when he kept touching his face to wipe off the bubbles, but really was just making it worse because he had bubbles on his hands too! It was cute. He kept calling for my towel to wipe off his face. Here are a few MODEST pics of my son in the tub!

Being silly with bubbles on his head!
Get the bubbles off my head mom!
Their in my eyes! Get em out!
My sweet little man in his tub of bubbles with a little water.

How To Clinic

A friend of mine told me about the How To Clinics that they hold at Lowes every 2 weeks. They make wooden crafts with the kids. They GIVE them an aporn, goggles and a patch to sew on your apron each time you complete a craft. So we decided to go this weekend and see what it was all about. Kasen had a ton of fun, and LOVED wearing his goggles which were clearly too big for his face. He felt special hammering the nails in and helping daddy put the calendar on the wood. It was kinda hard to hammer, Jeremy's thumb got hammered a couple times, but needless to say we will be going back again on the 25th for a new craft!

This is the finished product!


I would just like to say Happy Birthday to my dear husband!! He is such a blessing in my life and I am so happy to be with him. He means so much to me. I am so happy that he is willing to go to work everyday, especially TODAY on his Birthday to support our family and make sure we have what we need.

Image hosted by ImageShack

I love you babe!!

p.s. Happy 30th Anniversary to my inlaws!! Jeremy was born on his parents 1st anniversary!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Pump It Up

We went to a place called Pump It Up the other day with a playgroup. It was a little warehouse full of inflatable bouncies. Kasen loved it. They have a bunch of dumb rules that Kasen didn't understand because he is 2. One of the rules was that when you went down the BIG slide, the had mats that they needed to use. They were supposed to sit in the mats, hold on to the grips on the side, and put your feet in the pocket at the bottom of the mat. Well, as hard as I tried to get Kasen to do all of those things, he just COULDNT figure it out when he got to the top of the slide. Here are a few pictures to show you how HE thought he needed to use the mat.

Never once did he figure out how to use the mat the right way. So funny! I laughed everytime he came down and it was in his lap a different way. What a character!

Then Kasen and Brielle had a really hard time sharing the cool car they had there. It's a typical car that most every family has in their backyard, but for some reason Brielle clung to that thing and wouldn't get out. So Kasen got in with her.

They did have a great time though, and that's all that was important to me!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kasen's Pro Pics

A couple friends referred me to JcPenneys to get Kasens pictures taken. Sarah was kind enough to give me a coupon for $3.99 a sheet! No sitting fee, and a free 8x10! So I couldn't pass that up since Kasen hadn't had his pictures taken since he was 4 mos old at Wal*Mart.

When we got there Kasen knew we were going to take some pictures but I don't think he knew that RANDOM people were going to take his pictures. They had warned us when we set up the appt that we needed to bring something that would comfort him if he was shy around strangers. Kasen IS shy around strangers, so we brought the trusty Bobby! When we walked into the studio Kasen flipped out when the photographer started to talk to him and tell him to smile. He ran out of the studio and down through the mens section before I even realized what had happened. My mom and dad came with me too for moral support and my mom bribed him with a cookie to come back. He did and after a few gross looking pictures with me in them, Kasen started to warm up. She started to play peek a boo and then started to play tickle with Bobby. After a bit he was starting to relax and started to warm up to the photographer and it was all good from there. Here are some of the pics that were taken of my sweet, cute little boy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Weekend....

Friday night I went scrapbooking with a couple friends at a local scrapbook store from 6pm-midnight! I cannot believe how fast 6 hours goes when you are doing something you have SUCH a passion for. Here are a couple of the pages I did that night.

The quote says" sparkles and shine, I am blessed you are mine"

Saturday, Jeremy's sister Megan and her husband Mike came to visit. They were in town for a few days and came down to San Diego on Saturday. They were staying at Mikes cousins house in La Jolla so we went down there to pick them up. Once we picked them up we went down to the temple to take some pictures. Megan hadn't been to the San Diego temple since Jeremy and I got married, so it was fun for her to go back 6 years later.

After the temple, we drove down to Old Towne. That was fun because we got to walk around and look at the old stores and shop and go see the first Wells Fargo bank in San Diego. Jeremy was pretty excited about that since he is a former Wells employee. We went to the Mormon Battalion and walked around there. That was really neat to see where the Mormons settled in San Diego. We went to FREDS, a mexican restaurant for lunch, it was alright. We sat at the table next to Giants player, Pedro Feliz. Mike got a picture with him, he was smiling from ear to ear.

We then went down to the San Diego Harbor and walked around there and wanted to go on the USS Midway since they were giving tours, but it was ridiculously expensive, so we walked down to Seaport Village instead.

We went down to Little Italy and got some gelato. It was so freakin tasty. I got coconut and it had huge chunks of coconut in it. So tasty. Even Kasen liked mine and he doesn't even eat ice cream. But this was gelato. Not ice cream. He takes after his mommy.

We went and dropped Mike off at the Padre game at 4:30 and then Megan Jeremy Kasen and I all went to go see "No Reservations" total chick flick!! I liked it! I even cried!

We hurried and dropped off Megan at the padre game and she was in her seat for maybe 2 minutes before Barry Bonds beat the record for homeruns! Way to hustle Megan!!

It was a fun weekend and it was really nice to see some of Jeremy's family in OUR territory. VERY nice!