Friday, January 30, 2009

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Here is the deal.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today Jeremy and I went to the Dr and received confirmation that we are definitely having another boy. The ultrasound tech said "it's very easy to determin that you are having a boy" as she shows us his "stuff"....

As we went in I was a little nervous because this is the appt where you find out if your baby is growing as it should be, that all his measurements add up, that he has 10 fingers and 10 toes. Well he passed with flying colors. PHEW! What a relief. As she measured all that she was supposed to, everything kept coming up 19w4d or 19w5d. Except his head! His head measure a WHOLE WEEK ahead. Another one. Another baby with a big head. Another fun recovery. I blame his daddy for that one. ;) Oh well! I am just so glad that as far as she could tell he was healthy. That was a huge relief. Since he was measure ahead, they changed my due date to June 18th. Just 4 days sooner, but HEY! 4 days is 4 days and I will take it!

This pregnancy has gone by quite slow really. It hasn't been easy. I know that it could be worse. People have asked me if it's been easy since I haven't really had much to complain about. TRUST ME, and ask Jeremy, I have complained plenty and will continue to do so until this sweet precious boy of mine is in my arms! I try hard not to complain because I just feel so grateful for this blessing. This blessing didn't come easy to me and I don't feel I have the right to complain. I am just taking this pregnancy day by day and enjoying every sweet kick I feel.

My diabetes are still under control. I am controlling them by diet and pill. Thankfully, still no insulin. I am thinking at the rate I am going, I won't need insulin which is a HUGE plus. No need for more needles. I've had plenty of those. I'm done. Besides poking my finger 4-6 times a day to check my sugar. It's not so bad. My fingers have pretty much calloused over and it doesn't hurt all that much anymore. I use every finger on both hands (minus my pinky finger) and between those 8 fingers, I am able to get enough blood to test.

My diet is still going strong. I have lost about 25 lbs since finding out I was pregnant and am continuing to lose. The OB today mentioned it for the first time and had asked me if I noticed I was losing weight. Umm, HELLO! Of course I am noticing. My pants are falling off of me. She told me she was glad to see I was losing weight still because that let her know I was still following the diet I should be for a pregnant lady with diabetes. My maternity clothes from Kasen are too big. They are packed away in storage somewhere, so I have to buy all new ones, which gets expensive. Once again though, no complaints. It's just that much less I have to lose after this little guy is born.

I get frustrated a lot when trying to eat. I can't eat what I want. I can't fill my cravings. I have to sit back and watch everyone eat what I want to eat. I cry a lot. I get mad a lot. I throw fits a lot. But thankfully Jeremy still loves me. I have eggs and low carb toast EVERY single morning for breakfast. Really though? As much as I get frustrated, it's all so worth it to me. Once again, day by day.

I've been having trouble sleeping, having lots of round ligament pain, and bad headaches/migraines.

So there ya go everyone. Not an easy pregnancy, but I know it could be worse.

I am so grateful for this baby. His sweet spirit, and the love and joy he brings into our lives already. I thank my Heavenly Father for him everyday. Sometimes I just sit around and watch tv with my hand on my bare stomach and just feel him kick. It's such a miracle. HE is a miracle. OUR miracle.

We are truly blessed. I know that. I am so happy with my life. It's not easy, but it's SO worth it.

We think we have a first name picked out, but aren't 100% sure with it yet, so until we are sure, it will be hush hush. Once we decide for sure, we will announce then.

Thanks to everyone for their continual prayers. We feel the blessings of them in our lives everyday. We love you all!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Week Away- Sort Of

On Thursday Jan. 15th Kasen and I set out for a not so wonderful drive to see an OH so wonderful friend and help her recover from surgery.
The drive was long, 7 hours. About every 20 minutes Kasen complained his tummy hurt. I'm thinking he just got carsick from coloring, reading and playing his leapster. He didn't sleep AT ALL on the way there. Which made the drive even longer for me. I got stuck in traffic. It was all not very fun! But then we got there!

It was SO great to see Autumn and her family. She had dinner ready and waiting for us and then the next day we woke up early to go to her surgery. She wasn't nervous, which in turn made me nervous. She kept talking about what we were going to do while I was there, and even asking what I wanted to do later that night. I kept telling her to stop talking like that, because she had no idea what she was going to feel like afterwards. She kept saying she wasn't nervous. I kept telling her that it didn't matter whether she was nervous or not, that wasn't going to take away the pain she would feel afterwards. She was in denial, or totally clueless, was pretty funny. Kasen and I went across the street to a mall called Desert Ridge and saw "Hotel for Dogs" and then got some lunch. During lunch the nurse called to let me know Autumn was ready and we went and picked her up. I am so glad her husband Bryant was able to make it to the center, otherwise I never wouldn't have known how to get poor Autumn home! She was so out of it that she could barely talk! Let alone give me directions.
She got home and slept. While I took care of the 4 kids. 3 hers, 1 mine. That was definitely interesting. Harder than I expected, but it was good and fun to get to know Autumns kids better and spend some quality time with them. Luckily Bryant was home over the weekend and was able to pretty much take over the kids. I was there for about 6 days. Bryant went back to work on Tuesday, and it was just Autumn the kids and I. She was feeling for the most part better by then and so we went shopping at AZ Mills with the two younger boys. It wore both of us out, and we all went home and took naps.

Tuesday night I was able to meet up with a good "old" friend of mine and catch up a little on some lost time. I miss her to death and am SO glad we have started to talk again. I love you Meags! No matter what.

Wed morning we left for the trek home. After the car sickness on the way there, and 2 calls to the pediatrician later, we got Kasen drugged and happy and drove home. It went by a lot faster since he was able to sleep, play and even eat without being sick. We were so happy to be home, I cried. How lame and pregnant am I? I cried to see Jeremy. Yep. I'm in love. Take that.

It was hard taking care of someone elses kids, honestly, but it was so worth it. Autumn is my best friend and has been for about 15 years now. I couldn't think of a better way to serve her and her family. I know my cooking wasn't the most gourmet, and I know I wasn't the most patient, but I feel blessed to have been there for you and to spend that time with your kids. I am so happy that you were so willing to have me come. That you were humble enough to let me bandage your wounds. I am grateful that you are my best friend and I KNOW 100% that that will never change. We have made it this far, we can only grow from here. I miss you already friend. I love you to death, always will. Please take it easy and recover fast!
Cant wait to see you again in just a few short weeks! ;)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eating Donuts

Kasen has ALWAYS been a picky eater. Always. Ever since he was little he was very stern about what he wanted and what he didn't want. I tried over and over to give him baby food. It would end up on the floor, all over his face, his lap, and sometimes on me.

Fast forward 4 years. Kasen is STILL a picky eater. He will eat only bacon and chicken for meat. Wont touch pizza, eats PLAIN spaghetti, no butter or cheese or he wont eat it, he does love his fruit and celery, carrots and cucumbers. Wont eat P&J, has no desire to eat eggs or even try them, no pasta roni, no flavored rice, just plain white rice.

Just to give you an example....

On the way to Kasen's dentist appt a couple weeks ago, I told him that if he didn't have any cavities, we could stop and get a donut at the shop by the dentist office afterwards. Good, I know. What can ya do.

Well he had no cavitites, and we stopped. He always wants a cake sprinkle donut, just depends on the color of sprinkles. That's Kasens idea of variety.

This is how my picky kid eats his donuts.

All frosting. That's it. No cake. No donut, just frosting. However he can manage to shove it in, he does, just so he can only get the frosting. Funny kid!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Farewell my old friend...

Friday Night I went to a farewell party for my friend Sam. I have known her since I can remember, and though we haven't always been that close, I am glad we came out in the end....FRIENDS!

We started out the night at Elephant Bar for some appetizers and desserts. There were a bumch of us there, some people I didn't even know. But most I did from growing up around this area. Same gave us cute gifts as going away presents, even though I STILL think WE should have been the one giving HER gifts. I am still grateful though. ( I did give her her christmas present though and wish her a merry christmas and farewell!) After about 2 hours of hanging out and chatting at the restaurant, we headed off to Crystal's house for games and more fun.

Not everyone was able to make it to play games, but we still had tons of fun! Of course the game of choice was Quelf and I had no problem with that, EXCEPT it didn't get me and my sick tired self home until 3am! It was totally worth it though. Sam, Crystal and I were the only ones who had played Quelf before and I think it was a pleasant surprise to those who hadn't. Good pick Sam.

After playing we talked for about 30 more minutes and then left around 2:30am.

These are my friends Krista and Claudia. All 3 of us are due in June.

Sam note:

I am so glad that through all the high school drama, we were able to come out friends! We have had so many fun times together laughing and crying. I am so happy for you to experience something like you are going to, I really believe this will be a fresh start for you and Mike in so many ways, and you deserve that. You are such a good person and try to please everyone. You are willing to help anyone at the drop of a hat and I commend you for that. I will miss you a ton, but know that we will keep in touch. I know that the Lord has a whole lot planned for you while you are in Japan. Stay strong and keep smiling! I'll miss you friend! LOVE YA!!!