Monday, December 17, 2007

It's official...

I went to my chiropractor tonight and while I was there I showed him what happened to my toe. He said we might as well do xrays since it was free, and I said ok. The result? It's broken! GRR!!! I might have to ride one of those golf cars around the airport tomorrow! How cool!


Saturday night I hurt my foot. I was trying to get out of Jeremy's way and wasn't looking where I was going and my foot ran right into the corner of the wall. It was my left foot. The 3 right toes went to the right, and the two baby toes when to the left. This is how it looks now. I STILL can't walk on it. It hurts STILL!
Can you tell which one is swollen? Wish me luck with a 3 year old and luggage at the airport tomorrow, limping around!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Campbell Family Christmas

Since we are leaving tomorrow to go to Jeremy's familys house in WA, we had Christmas with my parents yesterday. We really talked up the fact that Santa was making a special stop by my parents house because he knew we weren't going to be here on Christmas. Kasen was so excited and couldn't believe that SANTA was coming to OUR house. He is so much fun this year. He understands so much more, and gets so EXCITED about anything Christmas. Here are a few pictures of him opening his presents.

The tree with all of our presents.
Kasen's first soccer ball! He was SO excited!
Where's Kasen?
Bailey and her Christmas present...
Jeremy embarassed by his present.
Kasen with his new Diego bike from Santa. Santa even left a Christmas bell for him like on Polar Express.
His new bobby slippers.

A little excessive on the pads, but you never can be too safe. He only wears his helmet now.
Plasma car from Grandma and Grandpa. Even adults can ride it. It's tons of fun!!
I will be sad to be gone for Christmas, but I am excited to go see my in laws and to have Kasen experience Christmas with them as well. See you tomorrow Bruces!

Ward Christmas Party

Seriously! What am I going to do with my boys?

We went to my parents ward Christmas party on Friday night. Kasen met santa for the first time. He was TOTALLY star struck! ALL smiles, giggles, and you could tell he just felt SO honored to be in the same room as him. (Santa was about Jeremy's age) Funny. You can tell by his smile how giddy he was to be with Santa.

Cantebury Gardens

My mom took us to a really cool store called Cantebury Gardens in Escondido. It's owned by some people that we grew up with in our home ward. It's a Christmas store thats SO decked out its almost overwhelming. Totally fun though. They have the BIGGEST village train set I have ever seen. Kasen loved it. He had a little Christmas overload though. He saw so many things he wanted to talk about that he couldn't even spit it out before he saw something else.

Here are a few pictures of us outside on Santa's sleigh.

Good Answer!

So here is the update you have all been waiting for!! Our family was on Family Feud!! Don't worry! The show hasn't aired yet. We just went to Hollywood for the taping. It was me, Jeremy, my parents and my sister Jen. They called us a few days prior and asked us if we were able to come back on Sunday (the day after) if we wont the last show. We said no of course, for obvious reasons. We all spent the night under the same roof on Friday night. We woke up tired since we weren't able to sleep. We also woke up at 5am. We left the house around 6:15. We had to be there by 9 and we wanted to make sure we weren't late otherwise we were disqualified. The roads were wet and rainy. We got there around 8:15am. Ok so we were a little paranoid. We went to Jack in the Box for breakfast beforehand. Then drove over to the studios. When we got out of the car all the families around us were staring and talking. (they knew they were in trouble). We got in line and walked over to the studios. They took us up to a rehearsal room and gave us the info we needed and the info on the show and what was going to happen that day. One thing we didn't understand from the paperwork they sent us, was that they overbook for the day's tapings. I guess in case someone gets sick, or chokes big time, who knows. So there were 9 teams and at this point they were telling us that only 7 would make the show that day. We immediately started to worry. They took us all down to the stage for a rehearsal game. Which was how they were going to determine who made the show that day and was able to tape. We were the last team to go up. We were concentrating so hard on the answers and getting them right, that we ALMOST forgot to cheer each other on with the answers we gave. They make it very clear that that's the most important thing. Family/Team Support! Dumb or correct answer. It's a GOOD ANSWER!

They put the teams who are not taping in the audience to cheer. We sat in the audience for 4 tapings, still not being called. We were REALLY starting to be concerned. There were 3 tapings left after lunch, and 4 teams left. So around 3:30 they let us go back to the rehearsal room for lunch. While we were sitting there eating we all started to discuss why we weren't being picked. Basically picking ourselves apart. We came to a mutual consensus that the only reason we weren't being picked was because we said we wouldn't come back the next day to tape. (Sunday) We quickly decided that Family Feud was more important than church and went to go talk to the producer. (we are kidding, we know church is more important, we just also knew that this was a once on a lifetime experience. think what you will of us! lol) My dad walked up to the producer and told her that we had changed our minds and were willing to come back the next day if needs be, we just wanted to be on the show. She laughed at our willingness to be there and to sacrifice. She then carried on and asked us why we said no. My dad being the jokester he is, said well..."we said no because we didn't want to miss our daughters wedding" lol. We all played along. They lady was shocked that we were willing to sacrifice "my sisters" wedding to stay and play on the show. We were all laughing when we were saying it, so we figured that she realized we were just joking around. We should have known better. Not everyone understands the Campbell Sarcasm. Even Jeremy has picked up on it and I LOVE it.

My sister Jen and I went into the bathroom to fix up our hair and makeup after we were done eating lunch. While we were in the bathroom we heard a bunch of people start to cheer really loud. What did we miss? Jen said" wouldn't that be cool if they called our names as the next family up?" I quickly said" I doubt all those people would be cheering for us if WE were called, not THEM." We walked out of the bathroom and sure enough there stood Jeremy and my mom getting their cool name tags put on their shirts by the other producer. We ran over there and got our name tags put on. (pictures to come, they still haven't emailed them to us)... We went down to the stage and prepared our pose. They make you come up with a pose for the beginning of the show when they introduce you. We stood there and waited for the MC to announce our names where then we would all run down the stairs holding hands into our positions at the podium. The game was about to begin!

John O' Hurley is the host and they announced him onto the show. The first person was up. My dad. We did pretty well. My mom went, Jeremy went, and then I went. We won all the questions by either getting the answers right, or getting 3 strikes...going to the other team and them getting the answer wrong. However, we still didn't have 300 pts. You can't continue unless one of the teams has 300 points. It was now my sister Jen's turn. We all started to get nervous. This was the last question of the game. We knew Jen gave good answers, but sometimes they were still random. Jen goes up there, shakes hands with the opponent, and bows her head in concentration while the host is about to read the question. " What other kind of banks do you deposit something into, besides money." Jen still sitting there, thinking....Opponent, hitting the buzzer. At this point, it's sudden death. We thought we had lost. Sudden death is a BASIC question where there is only ONE answer. So it's pretty much whoever buzzed in first wins the game. We panicked! Great we lost. How humiliating. We won't even be able to go home and tell our friends we won. AHH!! Opponent answers : FOOD BANK. I start thinking, ok...maybe. Hopefully not. "Do I see food bank on the board?" We all look up at the board in defeat. BEEP BEEP! Not on the board! COME ON JEN COME ON JEN!!! It's our turn. There is hope. We can still win this. Jen is read the question again and then answers confidently "SPERM BANK" ok...maybe. Hopefully. "Show me sperm bank" BEEP BEEP! DANGIT! PHEW! AHH!! We didn't know what to think. Neither of them answered correctly. I can't blame Jen, at least she came up with an answer. I never would have been able to. I couldn't think of anything. #1 answer? BLOOD bank. DUH! lol...

They threw out the bank question and retaped a new one. Next question. "When getting ready for a date...what takes a girl longest to get ready?" Jen still not quick enough on the buzzer. The opponent rings in. WE LOST! OH NO! GREAT! I immediately came up with an answer in my head, but too bad I wasn't the one up there. Opponent answers" picking out an outfit".....ok...maybe? Hopefully not. "For the win of the game, show me picking out your outfit!" we all start to sweat. We lost. Now what do we tell our friends? Our family? This was our second chance. Jen knew the answer, just wasn't quick enough on the buzzer. How can a girl not know this answer? BEEP BEEP!!! We all started cheering in excitement. We still had a chance. COME ON JEN! COME ON JEN!! Jen is read the question again and confidently answers " her hair" we all breathe a sigh of relief! "GOOD ANSWER!" We all start cheering and jumping. "For the win, show" RING RING! The music starts going off and we all start hugging, kissing, freaking out, picking each other up, high fives. So stoked! We won the game!! WE WON!

Fast money time. We had determined earlier on in the week if we were to get to this point, mom and Jeremy were the best two people to answer. Mom goes first...this is for the $20,000!!! Mom answers the first 4 questions perfectly. Good answers, plenty of time. Last question? Really not a great question to ask a woman who is on camera and knowing that MILLIONS of people across the nation are watching her. Question 5: "Name an amount of money you would pay to lost 10 lbs. instantly." Keep in mind, my mom feeling heavier than normal, being on camera, talking ALL day about how the camera adds 10lbs...being asked this question? Not a good idea. She thinks..."uh, well...uh..." ::laughing to her self out loud:: 3 SECONDS! "a million dollars!" Everyone in the studio starts laughing. Audience. Host. Producers. Camera men. Even us! A million for 10 pounds? You're kidding me! lol...needless to say we got a big fat zero on that question. My mom earned 91 points. Just about half way there.

Jeremy's turn...he comes out. 1st and 2nd question? Good. 3rd? Not so. "Name an invention that that has saved time" Jeremy's answer? Telephone. ZERO. 4th question? Not so, again. "Other than a golfer, name something you see on a golf course." Jeremy's answer? "uh, hmm...uh? Pass!" Question 5? Good. In fact #1 answer. $100 for 10 lbs. Back to #4..."besides a golfer, name something you'd see on a golf course." Jeremy's answer? "uhh, uh. Hmm." BEEP BEEP! Times up! Aww man! Question 3? ZERO. Question 5? ZERO. Needless to say, we won the show, just not the $20,000.

That was the highlight of the show. We were on a second episode. Just barely lost that one in the triple round. We were ahead the whole time and the other team won the last question and it tripled their points and they won. Still kinda bitter by the circumstances. Not really going to touch on it. Just watch it.

The shows will be airing Feb 13th and 14th. Hopefully we didn't look too cheesy or lame. We had SUCH a blast though. I can't think of ANYONE I would have rather shared the fun with. It turned out the 5 of us for a reason. It really was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so grateful I was able to share it will those that I did.

Thank you Zac and Crystal for watching Kasen!!

1. We did win SOME money. We won $5 for every point we made during fast money. We will get our checks 90 days AFTER the show airs. Oh well.
2. We did finally tell the producer that my sister wasn't getting married the next day. She laughed it off and started to realize our humor from thereon out.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stay Tuned...

I will be putting up a blog soon about our Family Feud experience! It was SO awesome. It's just a lot to say and I haven't had enough time to just sit down and type away. So stay's coming, I promise!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gone to the Dark Side

So I went to the dark side. I usually get my hair darker in the winter time. Yesterday I did. It's not that great of a picture, Jeremy didn't realize why I was wanting him to take a picture of me. He didn't even notice the difference. Maybe you can't even tell in the picture. To sum it up? It's now brown with blonde highlights, as opposed to blonde with brown highlights. There ya have it!

Bonding Time

Crystal got some cute shots of my boys bonding together the other night. It's so fun to see. Jeremy and Kasen really have a special bond together and it just keeps getting stronger the older Kasen gets. I think I bonded more with Kasen when he was a baby because I was the one pregnant with him, feeding him, waking up with him...but now that Kasen is older, has a personality and is able to do things, the bond between daddy and him is amazing. He looks forward to daddy coming home everyday to rough house with him. He is always hyper once Jeremy gets home. So excited to see him and love him up. I can't wait til they can play sports together and wrestle together. It will only get better!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Family Feud Update

For those of you who didn't family auditioned for family feud back in August. It was such a great experience. Refer to my post Family Feud. A couple days later, we received our Postcard in the mail saying that we made the show, and they would call us when they wanted us to tape.

WELL....they called us a couple weeks ago, and we have a taping date of December 8th! Next Saturday! We have to be at the studio in Hollywood at 9:15am. We will have to leave around 6:30am. Blah. BUT...well worth it if we win!

They have such strict rules too! You cant wear black, white or blue on the top. No plaid or polka dots or crazy patterns. No capris, no open toe shoes, no sandals, little to no pattern on the ties for the men, no pastels. No black on top? How am I supposed to slim myself? Grr...Oh yeah, the best have to bring 3-4 outfits with you! So needless to say, I will be going shopping this week. Anyone wanna go with?
The prospect of winning money is such a great feeling! lol how lame am I? Wish us luck! We will need it! I will update later after the taping.

Kasen's Photography

Kasen has been really into taking pictures lately. He is always taking pictures with Jeremy's cell phone. While we were at the game last night, Kasen started to get a little rowdy and bored from sitting in the same seat for 3 hours. I gave him my camera and showed him how to point and shoot. These are some of the pictures he took. Some of them the aim wasn't too great because his hands are so little that it was hard to hold the camera with both hands and then press the button AND aim! Some of them are RIGHT on though.

The last one that he took was of himself. He just turned the camera around and pressed the button! It turned out pretyy nice lol.

BYU Victory

Last night my family went to the BYU vs. SDSU game. We had tons of fun considering it was Kasen and Brielle's first real football game. We took lots of pictures to remember the occasion. I took more for you Crystal since you weren't there. :)
Opening play of the game... Grandpa and Kasen sharing peanuts. I think Kasen actually ate more than grandpa did!
At halftime, Kasen met up with a couple of his friends from church.
(Brielle, Luc, Shane and Kasen)
Wearing daddy's hat.
Zac and Brielle.
Kasen watching the game while trying to tie his shoe. Good luck son!
She actually let me take a CUTE picture of her! I can't believe it!
Jeremy and I taking pics between plays.

Grandma and Brielle.

We all had a ton of fun, and enjoyed the game even more since BYU kicked booty!