Thursday, November 29, 2007

We got Elfed!

Thanks for the cute idea Autumn!

We got elfed! Check it out. I seriously couldn't stop laughing. SO funny! Jeremy was quite proud of himself. I thought Kasen was the best though.

Who do you think was the best?

"Look at me shake my man boobs!" -Jeremy Bruce

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Traditional Campbell Family Thanksgiving

Every year it's the same routine at my mom and dads house. We all come over, the kids play together. They are actually playing nicely here, fun!

The boys all get together and yell and scream because the Detroit Lions are losing AGAIN. I can't remember the last time that team won on Thanksgiving, yet we watch the pathetic game EVERY year.

My mom in the kitchen cooking. This year I actually helped her! I am growing up! Aww! I made my mother in laws Frosted Cranberry Salad. It went over pretty well. It also made Jeremy feel like he was at home. Tender.

My dad pausing the Detroit game to carve the turkey. He really didn't need to pause it, he wouldn't have missed anything exciting. They lost!

P.S. we didn't eat that pink part of the turkey. Don't worry!

The AFTER turkey exhaustion. Dang that Tryptophan! Gave the kids a bumpy train track to play with!

The desserts! My mom apparently had intentions of inviting a whole army over for dessert. 7 pies for 6 adults! I felt sick by the time I went to bed!

I am so grateful for my family, and all the traditions that we have. I had a wonderful thanksgiving, but am ready to stop eating turkey sandwiches as leftovers!!! Til next year!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

Last night (Monday) my family went to go see So You Think You Can Dance! It was so dang cool!! Jeremy met us up there since he drove over straight from work, the rest of us drove up in my parents car. It was at the Sports Arena in San Diego.

We went to dinner beforehand that Black Angus. The wait was forever long because the restaurant is basically in the Sports Arena parking lot so people were going over there for dinner first, then going to the show. There were people EVERYWHERE! We came out from having dinner at about 7:45, the show started at 8:00, and the place was a ghost town! It was the pre-show rush! Really funny.

To my surprise, thanks to my brother having the job that he does, we had FRONT ROW tickets! (Sorry Jenny if this post will make you sad). We saw the dancers up close and personal. It was so cool. I had so much fun! SO much fun! If I like the dancers as much next year, I will go again! Jeremy wasn't too enthused about being there, but he was a good husband and went because he knew I was excited about it. Thanks, Jeremy!

I had to try and lighten the picture since I am no longer allowed to use the flash when Jeremy is in the picture.
front row baby!!
See how excited Jeremy was to be there? blah blah, yipee! Me, my mom, Crystal

Lacey and Kameron
Neil and Danny
Lauren (probably my favorite)
Sabra talking, then Jamie and Neil
The Top 10

Laure and Danny

Sabra (the winner) and Dominic

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yes, that see that green pie on my floor? Well Kasen thought that he wanted some, so he opened the fridge, I wasn't paying attention like I should have been...I was watching Americas Next Top Model. Grr...He tried to carry it over to me and surprise surprise...dropped it! All I can hear is him saying...

"Its all over my blankie! It's all over my blankie!"
Im still not looking and I asked him "what's on your blankie?"
"The PIE!"

Well that certainly got my attention and I looked over the edge of the couch and saw the pie face down on his blanket! All I could do was laugh! I tried SO hard not to because I wanted him to know he was in trouble for getting it out of the fridge, but I just laughed. I think I would have been a little more upset if it had gone face down on the floor. I just picked his blankie up and scraped the pie off into the trash can and threw the blankie into the wash.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Gratitude List

I have been challenged by my sister in law to write 10 out of the normal things that I am grateful for. I am going to write 10 things I would never say I am normally thankful for.

1. Air conditioned cars-boy is it a bummer not having a/c in your car.
2. Waterproof matress pads- sometimes Kasen will still leak out of his pull up at night, I am so grateful it doesnt get all the way to the mattress.
3. Leapfrog Letter Factory- this movie is the reason Kasen learned his letters and the sounds they make. Best $10 spent!
4. Glasses- I would be blind and naseous all the time if it weren't for my new glasses.
5. Lactose Intolerance Meds- If it weren't for this, I wouldn't be able to eat some of my favorite foods.
6. Cameras- I know that even through words I would never be able to capture some of the things I do with my camera
7. Happy Meals- without those chicken nuggets, french fries, "blue soda" and ranch, Kasen would die of starvation
8. Tivo- I dont have time to watch all the shows that I do at the specified times they are on.
9. Chapstick- I couldnt go anywhere or do anything if I didn't have my chapstick!
10. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse- gives me a 20 min break to do something for ME

tagged....7 weird things about me

So I decided that I would enlist in some help on this blog. I know that the things other people think are weird, would most likely be normal to me. So Jeremy wrote this.

1. I sleep with my legs crossed. I lay on my back, one leg with foot on bed, knee up, and the other leg crossed over, like a guy sits when they are sitting, not sleeping.

2. Having too many windows open on the computer stresses me out. If people leave with windows open, I always have to go find them and ask if I can close their windows before I can do anything.

3. Ever since I was little, my mom has fed me pickles, smothered in cream cheese, wrapped in ham. I can't stress enough how dang tasty these things are. I ate A LOT of them when I was pregnant with Kasen. Don't knock it, til you've tried it!

4. I can't ever just sit with my feet flat on the floor. I either have to be sitting on one leg/foot or have my legs crossed. But I CANNOT have BOTH feet flat on the floor. That's like breaking some sort of leg rule or something.

5. I don't like to be downstairs by myself after everyone has gone to bed. It freaks me out. If Jeremy is going to bed, and I am not tired, I will still go to bed with him because I don't want to be downstairs alone.

6. When I was pregnant with Kasen, I was standing in my bathroom after getting out of the shower and caught a man staring at me through my bathroom window (I lived in apartments). Ever since then I always feel like people are staring at me through the windows. (#5 and #6 might have something to do with each other)

7. I have massive age issues. I annoys me to no other when people tell me "you're young", or "you're still a baby", or when they say "try being my age" This issue might have something to do with being the youngest of 10 kids. I bet you half my brothers and sisters don't realize I am 27, and still think I am 12. GRR!! Just writing about it gets me all riled up.

That's it. 7 weird things about me.


1. Nichole
2. Autumn
3. Crystal
4. Sarah

Like Father, Like Son...

Enough said.

3 year check up!

Kasen had his 3 year check up on Monday with his new doctor. I still can't believe he is 3, by the way.

The nurse asked a bunch of questions to make sure he was doing the things he was supposed to be as a 3 year old. He checked out on all of them. Although she did ask if he crawled and walked on time. Both of which are a NO. Oh well, he walks now. Isn't that whats important!? lol...

The Dr. came in started talking to Kasen immediately. It was really nice. He was great with Kasen. I am so glad we don't have Kaiser anymore. The Dr said that at age 3 only 50% of their speech is understandable and 60% by age 4. I was really surprised by that. Kasen is not 100% understandable by any means, but I do think he is more than 50%. I think MOST 3 year olds are more than 50%. Does anyone DISAGREE?

The Dr also told me to start putting sunscreen on him yer round. He is too fair of skin to go without. Looks like I will be keeping banana boat in business from now on.

His stats were 41 inches and 38lbs. I wasn't surprised by the 41 inches since I knew he was tall enough to go on Space Mtn which is 40in. but I was really surprised by the 38 lbs. I got home and weighed him and he was only 36lbs. So I am going to go with 37lbs. Only 3 more lbs and then he can go in a booster carseat. The law in Cali is 40in and 40lbs. Anyway, he was in the 95% for height and weight. That's my boy. Tall like his mommy!

Monday, November 12, 2007

All of the celebrations...

On Kasen's birthday our playgroup went to Chuck E Cheese just to have something for Kasen to do. I made little cupcakes decorated like Mickey Mouse and the kids loved them!

We celebrated with my mom and dad on Wednesday night (his actual birthday). Kasen waited until 8:30 at night until my dad got home from work to open all his presents. He was so patient and SO willing to wait because he knew my dad wanted to see him open presents. How sweet!


We had Kasen's birthday party on Saturday. He had so much fun! He was really cranky though because he was tired, but we managed, all I have to say is...I'm GLAD it's over! :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A tribute to Kasen

Kasen is such a miracle to me. I still look back on everything Jeremy and I went through to get him here and can't believe he IS here. He is such a blessing. Everyday. The Lord blessed us. I am reminded of that all the time. He makes me laugh, cry from joy, cry from heartache, he makes me so grateful.

Some of the things I love most about him:

1. For those of you who know me, know that I like to scrapbook, therefore I go to the scrapbook matter how often I emphasize the S in scrapbook, Kasen still calls it the "crap it store" Jeremy is quite proud.

2. I give Kasen warning before we are going to leave the park, or before he goes to bed, or before we do something. I hold up my hand or tell him 5 minutes. I then tell him 1 minute to give him fair warning that we really are leaving. Well lately, Kasen has started to bargain with me. He has a LOT of practicing and mastering to do. I give him his 5 minute warning and he things he's being so smart with coming back and saying "no mommy! 1 minute!" We say ok, and all is well. Can't argue with that!

3. Kasen learned a long time ago the colors of the stop light. Red means stop and green means go. I never really taught him yellow. We just talked about red and green. Til one day, I ran a yellow light and Kasen said "yellow light mommy! GO GO GO!!" I started laughing and asked him where he learned that from!? "daddy" of course! How did I not know that? Red=stop, green=go, yellow=go go go!

4. Kasen called Mcdonalds "Old Mcdonalds" because he knows the song Old McDonald, it must be the same right?

5. Until about 3 weeks ago, Kasen called Carl's Jr. "twinkle little star" now he was moved up and calls it "Carls June-ger"

6. A lot of times Kasen sits with me while I put my make up on on the floor in front of the closet door mirror. The other day I was curling my eyelashes. He asked me"mommy, what's that" my response..."its an eyelash curler, it makes mommys eyelashes that are straight, curl" his response? He starts whining saying "owie! It hurts mommy! OW!" "it hurt's YOU when I am the one curling MY eyelashes?" "yeah it hurts mommy! stop!" I still don't get

7. A week or so ago, Kasen was with my parents while Jeremy and I were out. They were all up in my parents room. Kasen was playing around pressing buttons on the phone. My mom finally heard all the beeps and walked over and asked Kasen what he was doing. "Im texing somebody"

My 3 year old texts? I need to stop texting so much!

8. Kasen likes to announce when he farts. I don't know where he got it from. He just does it. I try to tell him that he DOESN'T need to tell us. Just do it silently and go about your business. Well some how this escalated. He now tells us "mommy! I farted! It came from my bum! I farted in my bum" hmm...

This sweet boy of mine is everything to me. He is my miracle. I love him to death. I don't ever want to imagine my life without him in it. Becasause of him, I am a mother!

I love you Kasen Jered Bruce! You are precious!

Happy 3rd Birthday Kasen!

Kasen has been talking about his birthday for a month now. He knew that mommy's birthday was first, then his. So ever since my birthday ended, he thinks its his birthday everyday. Well today, he is finally right! My sweet boy turned 3 today. At this time 3 years ago I was in labor and had no idea how much of a blessing my little boy was about to be in my life. We will get into mushy stuff later.

Last night I decided to decorate Kasen's room. I put Kasen to bed in my bed and let him watch a movie. He was so happy to fall asleep to Cars. After Jeremy got home from basketball we went up and decorated his room. Streamers EVERYWHERE. Balloons EVERYWHERE. On the floor, in the ceiling. We wanted to make it special since this year he actually understood what was going on. We were sneaky and quiet and after we were done, we moved Kasen from our bed to his own bed. Jeremy has ninja like skills and was able to move him without him waking or opening his eyes.

After Jeremy brought Kasen in, we spread the balloons all over the floor.

He was so happy, he decided to show off a little shoulder. Woo!

When I woke up this morning, I woke up to Kasen singing himself "Happy Birthday to Kasen! Happy Birthday to ME!" It was so cute. I grabbed my camera and ran in there to take pictures of his reaction of his room. This is what I got...

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Ever since Kasen was a little baby. Well 9 months at least....he has been pretty clutzy. He takes after his mommy. I think my parents thought that I beat my kid or something until...last weekend they were there to witness his latest crash.

He was twirling around a pole with only one arm, and I told him to stop. I asked him to stop. I was firm with him to stop. He didn't, and about 5 seconds later his hand slipped off the pole, he fell to the ground, and hit forehead first, and then nose. We gave him tylenol as soon as we got home. My parent's (well my dad) said, "well I guess we can't tease you about Kasen's bruises anymore" ...sad.

Here are some pictures of my poor kid. Really. He has done these all on his own! lol....

Notice that a majority of them are all on the same place on his forehead too. I think after hitting that place so many times that its permanently swollen and just sticks out farther so when he falls, it's the first thing to hit. Poor baby.

So I realize some of these pictures aren't the most flattering. But really he just hit his head, eyebrow, nose, mouth, cheek! Would you be wanting to pose and smile?