Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coming together...

Our lives are coming together in our new abode. I will not call it home because Cali will always be "home" to me. We are currently residing here. :)

Jeremy went back to work 2 days after we got to AZ. He likes the new location. Once again, he is doing the exact same thing for the exact same boss. Working with the same people and reporting to the same people. He said the office in Scottsdale is a little more active and he enjoys that. He does however miss his old lunch group. He is busy working and playing house. Moving heavy furniture and hanging pictures.

Kasen is busy being a monster. Poor kid is bored out of his mind without school and playgroup. We are working on both of those, but in the meantime he is coloring A LOT of pictures. He is adjusting fairly well. Making friends at church and enjoying his new CTR 5 class. He is in CTR 5c. There are about 8 kids in each of the CTR5 classes. Crazy. We enjoys the park thats right behind our house, it has a swing which is his new found love since he learned to pump on his own a while ago. He has his occasional "I miss...." moments, but for the most part is doing a lot better than I expected. He seems to like our new house, and enjoys having his own room with all his own stuff. Along with his own bathroom. He likes to help me with laundry and putting away dishes (tupperware) and enjoys sitting at the island on the barstool everytime he eats.

I am doing pretty well. Im done being pregnant. About 10 days ago I was feeling good, but I am done. Sore, achey, heartburn, kicks from long legs in the ribs, waking me up at night, along with going potty in the middle of the night, along with some other TMI effects. I know he isn't ready to come out yet so I am trying to be patient. I am trying hard to entertain Kasen but its hard when all I want to do is sleep. Im extremely exhausted, but doing my best. The house is getting there. Master bedroom is done, Kasen's room just got done a couple days ago, scrap/guest room is near done, and the kitchen was the first thing to be finished. Of course there are still random things around the house that need a place to live. Our kitchen table is covered in things to decorate the house with. We are getting there. Quinns rooms hasn't even been started yet, but Jeremy works from home tomorrow and will be putting the crib together along with doing a little rearranging which will then give me the room to get in there and start putting stuff away. I will start washing his clothes tomorrow and putting those away too.

Our ward is great, so far. It's HUGE. People have been friendly so far and offerend a ton of help. No callings yet, thankfully. I think it will be awhile since its such a large ward.

The neighborhood is awesome. I really really love it. The master community we live in has events going on regularly. They have their own Elementary school, and a HUGE park next to that. There is a big pond that you can "catch and release" fish in. Volleyball courts, basketball, YMCA, pool, play structures. All within a 5 minute walk. Really nice.

We love our house, still getting some of the kinks out of it. Like the beetles, and bugs. The fact that when we try and turn Quinns lights on, the mater bed and bath power go out. Best part is, Quinns lights dont even work. You flip the switch and get no light and then no power in the master. We are working on some stuff, but overall love our new place. It's OUR place and we are so grateful for that. It's nice to be on our own again, and to just be with each other.

That's all I can think of for right now...if you have questions that I didn't answer you can ask and I will write another post with all the answers. I do have a facebook and have posted a ton of pictures there as well if you are interested. I check that a lot more than I do this. But now that we have internet and I found my camera cable, I will try to post whenever I have something to post about.

Baby Quinn

Baby Quinn and I are doing well. I am 33 weeks now and seeing my new OB (whom I love) every week. We had an ultrasound yesterday to see how big he is getting. The dr said he is about 5 lbs right now which is in the 62nd percentile. He said a little above average but nothing to be concerned about as long as I keep my diet going strong. He said that if he keeps growing at the rate he has been then he estimates he will be 7.14 or 8lbs. I can deal with that. Obviously thats at full term, 40 weeks. If he is born earlier, he will weight less. Just as Kasen did.
He is now head down, which is a relief, I just hope he stays that way. He was still bum down at my ultrasound 2 weeks ago. So I am happy he turned. His head is measuring 35 weeks (BIG) and his legs are measuring 36 weeks (super LONG). He gets those from his mommy and daddy. I wont mention which, from who.
I start my NST's next week. (non stress tests) just to monitor the baby and his heart, contractions and to check my amniotic fluid. We did this with Kasen as well. Not as early, but I am starting to see that this is the best Dr I have had out of all the ones I have had since the beginning with Kasen. Very caring, very precautious, and takes good care of the high riskers. I like that. It puts my mind at ease. That's the latest on my life.

My little-big-man

What a handsome freckle faced boy I have. I adore his freckles. I stare at them everyday and just smile. I look for new ones, I count them. I look to see if they have grown. I just love them. I

love this boy. I especially love this boy in his pimp suit his grandpa bought for him to wear on Easter. I didn't get any good pictures on Easter cause Kasen was sick, but I got these on Sunday when he requested to wear the suit again. Oh I can't get over how dang cute he looks. He looks so grown up, it makes me proud, but so sad at the same time. I love my little-big-man!

First GNO in AZ

I had my first...MUCH needed....girls night out since being in AZ last week. It was SO nice. I am happy it turned out so well considering we all had had a really rough day, but managed to put the tough times aside and just enjoy ourselves!
We went to a place called Nielsens Frozen Custard. We started with dinner, burgers and frys and...FRY SAUCE. OMG, I have been craving it ever since and I didn't even know I liked fry sauce. We finished the night off with a creamy tasty custard. I got vanilla with reeses peanut butter cups and pecans. Nope, it wasn't sugar free. I was a bad girl, but also felt I deserved it with the crappy week I had had.
Thank you girls for such a good time! I can't wait til our girls weekend in 2 weeks! I hope we have even more fun and eat lots of junky (sugar free) food! lol


We got to AZ late on Friday night and slept on some borrowed air mattresses from a friend. Saturday we woke up early and the men from church came and helped us moved in. In the meantime Kasen and I were coughing NON stop and blowing our noses EVEN more. We had come from my parents house where my dad had bronchitis and my mom had pneumonia. We were just praying our colds didn't turn into anything worse.

Well on Sunday (Easter) we left Autumns house early because Kasen had a fever. The next day he threw up while coughing. We just thought he gagged himself cause he was coughing so hard.

The next day, I had an appt scheduled for Kasen at his new pediatrician just to make sure his cough hadn't gone bad. He woke up with diarrhea that morning. The Dr told me he had bronchitis and was going to order a nebulizer for us and have it delivered to our house. He also prescribed the meds to go in it, along with some antibiotics to help his lungs. Within seconds before the Dr walked out of the room, Kasen threw up all over me. Yes, all over me. Fun times. The Dr then sat down again and added some anti-nausea meds to his list of prescriptions. Saying he had some sort of bug AND bronchitis. All of this after living in our house 4 days and barely even having our beds unpacked. It was a nightmare. I just cried and cried and PRAYED and PRAYED that while I was taking care of my sweet sick boy that I wouldn't get sick myself. It was pretty awful. Anyway...

This is a picture of him on his nebulizer the first day. Feeling absolutely AWFUL.
He had to do this treatment 3 times a day for 8 days. It took about 20 minutes each time. I only forgot once. I was proud of myself.
He actually fell asleep with the mask on because he was so exhausted from coughing and being sick. Poor guy!
I AM happ to report that he has made a 100% recovery since then. THANK HEAVENS. Also, my cold went away (which I think was also bronchitis, and I never got the stomach bug he had!)


The Easter Bunny almost forgot to come to our house. He did all his shopping before moving to AZ because he knew time would be pressed moving in the day before Easter. Bunny woke up at 6:30am with the "CRAP!" thought in her head. The Easter Bunny enlisted in a friend (Jeremy) and hid all the eggs and basket as quietly as possible, silently saying how grateful we were he slept in that morning!!! Searching....

and FOUND. His Mickey Easter basket.


The goods.

Tender moments between Bailey and Kasen....

A not so good Easter picture of the 3 of us. That's what I get for trying to take it ourselves...

After church we headed over to Autumn's house for a tasty ham dinner and some egg hunting. Kasen was excited to hang out with his friends and find eggs at the same time!! We ended up leaving early that night because that's when Kasen started to get sick. The fever started.

The kids waiting at the door for the hunting festivities to start....

Kasen and Vanni sharing joy in finding eggs together.

Can I take this one mom?

Autumn and I

Scoping out his finds...some even had MONEY in them!

My baby and I.

Update on the Month of April.....Goodbyes.

Here I am saying my goodbyes to everyone....Boo! To pack....

The room we have left. Somehow we managed...good packers!

10:30 at night at IHOP saying bye to Crystal. Another not so fun drive home.
Michelle and I at Dennys. We left the glasses on to cover the tears lol

And here we go.....saying our last goodbyes to my siblings. It was a sad sad drive home.

Kasen all happy on the way up there. Yaay for playing with cousins.

He got so excited he wore himself out on the way up there.

Cousins...Brodie, Everett, Dawson, Sidney, Kasen, Bronwen and Brielle

The 4 Musketeers

Siblings....Me, Zac, Jen and Greg

Siblings and Spouses

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Found a house!

We FINALLY found a house! I was about ready to have an anxiety attack knowing that we were moving next week and not knowing where we were going to live! NOW we know. We found a house in Gilbert. Just where we thought we would be. We are really excited. We went over to our storage unit today and seeing all of our stuff again (minus the dirty couches Jeremy didn't cover with cloths) got me REALLY excited. I have really missed our stuff. We are packing up the truck on Thursday, and driving out early on Friday morning. We have the Elders Quorum for our new ward set up to help us unpack the truck Sat morning.

Here are a few picture of the house that Jeremy took when he went out there last weekend when I had my baby shower. No, I have NOT seen the house yet, but Jeremy knows how OCD I am, and I totally trust that he wouldn't pick a house he knows I wouldn't like because he would never hear the end of it then.

The outside isn't a beauty, but he promises that the inside is what he fell in love with. The outside isn't horrible by any means, just not anything great either.

In no particular order:

Technology Center (right off the kitchen and the master bedroom)

Front/Side of the house

Living room, and right over the wall is the family room and next to that is the kitchen

Kitchen (dishwasher is in the island)

Hallway down to the kids rooms, and the guest room

Front of house

Family room-the blinds are BROWN, even though they look prurple.

Dining room (where the kitchen table will go)

backyard- no grass, but there is a nice huge greenbelt and huge park right behind the house.
I didn't post pics of the 3 bedrooms, bathroom, or master bed and bath. Boring. Anyway, we are really excited.
We will miss it here, but are ready for our new and exciting journey in AZ.

Baby Shower for Quinn (and Me)

Last weekend my mom and great friend Michelle threw a baby shower for me. I had help as well with the food from my sister in law/neighbor/mom. It was so nice. My sister Jen planned all sorts of fun games and prizes too! I loved having everyone there to support me and be happy and excited for me. It took such a long and trying time to get sweet little Quinn here (in my tummy), and it just makes it that much more special to see my friends and family happy for me as well.

I tried to get pics with everyone before they left, but I wasn't able to. I am sad I didn't get to. I felt so loved by those who were able to come. I am so grateful for the friends and family that I have.

Thank you especially to my mom and Michelle for all that they did. I am SO grateful to have BOTH of you in my life and will miss you loads and loads when I move this week. :( I know that you will come visit me though, right?!

These are the party favors I made...that I so absent-mindedly forgot to tell people about before they left. WHOOPS! If you want one, I still have some left. I just made a few magnets to put on the front of the bucket, and filled them with colored m&ms. (the color of Quinns bedding)

Some of the decor that my mom decorated with. So cute and crafty she is! Although she will never admit that, SHE IS! Thanks for the cute decor Michelle!

This was the food we had. All Healthy food stuff (except the 2 yummy cakes my mom made!!!!) that I am able to eat.

Some of the guests who were there: (again, I wasn't able to get pictures with everyone, I am so sorry if you were there and I am not posting a pic!)
This is my friend Krista. We are due the same day! She is such a sweetie! She is having a girl.

This is my friend Anthea. We are due about 2 weeks apart. She is so fun! She is having a boy as well.

This is my dear friend Nancy (and her cute son Braden) from high school! I am still so happy she was able to come!

Sunnie and I. I have known Sunnie for years now. I will miss seeing her at playgroup when I leave.

Two of my cutie friends from playgroup. Kristin and Kim. They both have adorable 1 yr olds.

Lisa and I. She is one of the sweetest people I know!

April and I (from playgroup). She announced that she was 16 weeks pregnant! HOW FUN!

Crystal (sister in law)and I. I am REALLY going to miss you my friend. Thanks for being part of my shower! (and for being my photographer!!)

Sister Jen and I. Isn't she so cute?

Amanda and her cute pregnant belly. She is due with a girl at the end of May.

Melissa and I. She is also pregnant, boy or girl? Not sure yet. She is due at the end of August.

Jenny and I. What a fun person to be around. She is so crafty! I love her homemade presents!