Monday, March 23, 2009

Kasen's Love Song

This is a song Kasen made up for me all on his own. He is very into making up songs. He does pretty well at it. Just thinking of things to say, and not taking breaks to think. It just flows.


It was so sweet, his voice was so sweet, it made cry!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On our own....

Before I got pregnant with Quinn, Jeremy and I considered all the options we could to be able to move out of my parents house. We even considered ARIZONA! Hotter than heck there. Anyway...we decided thats what we wanted to do. Didn't consider it too much before we had Jeremy talking to his company about it and so forth. They decided it would be fine as long as it got approved. They have an office in Scottsdale and he works with many of those people on a daily basis over the phone. Well long story short, the idea got shot down by the VP of the company because the company had a no transfer policy, unless there was a good business reason to move. Well there wasn't...we just wanted to move there because of the extreme cheapness of living there. Does that make sense? Anyway...we were both bummed, neither of us even prayed about it or thought much about it after that.

We continued to think of ways to move out and be our own family again. Moving to Utah? San Marcos? Temecula? Someplace cheaper, but we wanted to stay close to my family. I hated the idea of being away from them.

Well about 3 weeks ago, the day before we were leaving for AZ to go to my best friends sealing, Jeremy's boss Norma. Who is LDS as well and really looks out for Jeremy came to him with a solution. She had just posted a job on the website for a Sr Business Analyst in Scottsdale. Exactly what he does now. She told him since there was no business reason for him to transfer, that he would just have to apply and go through the whole application process as if he were starting new. This is a job that would LITERALLY involve doing the same thing, reporting to Norma as normal, working with the same people, everything the same. He just had to apply for it. Having gone through this before Jer and I were both extremely skeptical of it. What makes it different this time than the last time we got turned down? This time we decided to consider it more seriously and pray about it and really get down to the nitty gritty of the pro's and con's.

I was really upset and anxious everytime I thought about moving away. A. because I didn't want to be away from my family B. I didn't want to move away right before the baby we worked so hard for was born, C. I didn't want to take Kasen away from his best friend. I cried day after day. Afraid to pray about it. It was too much emotion to deal with. I am pregnant, I have enough emotion to deal with as it is. Well, a few days after we got back from AZ, I had to work in the temple. I spent a lot of time alone that night in places of the temple that I could pray alone. I prayed and I cried. I kept praying and crying. I didn't have an answer by the time I left that night, but I didn't feel as anxious about it. I didn't freak out everytime I thought about it. I was still scared to death, but not anxious.

A few days later, still praying about it, I received my answer. I cried and cried at the thought. How can I do this? How am I strong enough? How can I move away before Quinn is born, take Kasen away from his cousins and ME be away from my family. The more I prayed, the more relief I felt from my fear. My answer is yes. It is what my family is supposed to do. We are to move to AZ.

Jeremy went along with this process of applying for his same job. Interviewing with his boss, interviewing with HR. Doing what he needed to do. It's been a real waiting game the past couple weeks. I am a very anxious person, and it just gets worse when I am pregnant. I just wanted to know the companys answer. I wanted to know. His boss told him that if we DO get the job, they can probably postpone for about a month. Meaning once he gets the offer, we have a month to move. Well Jeremy got his offer today.

We accepted the job. We are moving to AZ. His first day at his new/old job in Scottsdale is April 13th. We are headed out this weekend to look for a house to live in.

I am SO excited at the idea of being my own family again. Having our own space, and being out of my parents house before this baby is born. Being out of my parents house at all really. We are SO grateful to them for all they have done for us. It was SUCH a blessing living with them and having them get to know us, especially quiet Jeremy and loud Kasen, better. My parents have formed such an incredible bond with Kasen, they are like his 2nd parents. I am very overwhelmed and stressed about this move, but trying to take it day by day so I don't throw myself into pre-term labor or anything. My mom and I have had many "discussions" about me going and its certainly going to be hard. I just keep reminding myself of that undeniable feeling I get when I pray about going. I know this is best for our family. I know this is what the Lord wants for us. I know that we will be missed, and we will miss everyone even more. I will miss my family, Kasen will miss his family and I know that even Jeremy will miss my family. ;) We have friends here that we will miss terribly but they have PROMISED to come see us. I am still going to hold them to that.

We knows it's right. I am EXTREMELY sad, but so happy at the same time. I know that it will take time to adjust, and I accept that. I know I will be sad for a while, but I do have a few friends in AZ that will keep me company when I need it the most.

Thank you to all who knew, and totally supported me EITHER way. It's been such a great help.

I am hoping to have a baby shower/going away party before I leave so I can see everyone one last time. I will let you all know when that is.

I will keep you guys posted on the house hunt and the official date we are leaving. We aren't sure of that yet since it depends on the house. But I will let you know how it all goes.

Thanks for your love and support. This is hard, but I know that with the Lord, my friends and my family WE can do this!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

25 weeks...

I am just hitting 25 weeks and am feeling fairly well, all things considered. I think I am about done losing weight, which I am ok with. I ended at about 26 lbs. I have not gained anything yet, which is still nice. I guess I really am still losing but since I am getting further along the baby is gaining as well. So it all evens out.

My diabetes are still very well under control. Sometimes I have to take an extra pill before dinner, but still no insulin which is a huge plus.
Im pretty achey and sore, and it seemed to happen a lot sooner than it did with Kasen, but I don't think its to the extent it was when I was pregnant with Kasen. I was heavier with Kasen, and wasn't as active since I didn't have a 4 year old to compete with.
All in all things are going well, and guess what? We finally found a name for this little boy. Still no middle name, but we have finally agreed on the first name. I think I nagged enough that Jeremy gave in! :) j/k! He likes the name as well!
Our little boy will be named Quinn.
We just need to think of a middle name that has more than 1 syllable in it and we will be all set.

The rest of Feb...

This was the 2nd half of my Feb in a nutshell....

My sister, my mom and I (along with Kase Kase) went out to lunch at Old California Mining Co. The company was good, the food not so much. We used a coupon though so it was cool.
Later that night I got to resume my calling at the Temple and it was WONDERFUL! No one there knew I was pregnant because the last time I worked I was 5 weeks along and wasn't telling anyone yet. Since I only work on the 4th Wed, it was closed the day before thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, then in Jan it happened to be closed for Maintenance (annual cleaning) so Feb was my first month back! It was amazing.

We went to my niece and nephews (Brodie and Bronwen) school play last week. It was really cute. It was Grease and they both did a great job.
Crazy Kasen entertaining himself at the play. Giving grandma loves! All the pics I took of the kids in the play turned out awful! Sorry guys!

Friday night we went out with the Hornes again. We just LOVE hanging out with them. Owen and Jeremy are a lot alike. Extremely low key and quiet, yet they have no problem making conversation with each other. I love it. Michelle is just happy and outgoing and positive. We always have things to talk and laugh about. Kasen and Ethan don't get along THAT well, but they tolerate each other well. We went to CPK for dinner and then used some giftcards to get Coldstone afterwards. We then all went to Fry's Electronic Store and bought a new DVD played with a giftcard too! Ours DIED! THe boys loved seeing all the fish in the HUGE tanks they have there as you walk in. Sweet little lizzie was just a good girl all night long. She is 9 weeks now and is just a doll! It makes me SO excited to have my sweet little boy in my arms!

No Kasen! Yaay!

Jeremy and I were able to go out to Arizona for a weekend (left on Friday, came back Sunday) to go to my best friends sealing in the Mesa Temple.

We left Friday morning and drove out QUIETLY (minus the loud music we played since Kasen wasn't with us) and got there around 2:30 in the afternoon. But first we had to drive through THESE.......BLAH!

These stupid things FREAK me out. I took the picture blindly. I can't even look at them. They just really scare me. I know, I am lame. Oh well.

Yaay for getting to AZ. We first went to Jeremy's job there in Scottsdale to meet with some people that he works with on a daily basis but has never met since they are in a different location. That was really neat for him to be able to put faces to the names and voices of the people he talks to on the phone everyday.

After that we went and checked into our hotel room, The Marriott in Phoenix. Can I just say again, it was SO nice to be alone. I love Kasen and all, but it was just nice to be alone with my hubby!
Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends. CAFE RIO!!!! OMG! I miss that place so much. How is it that I can finish a whole burrito there if I wanted to and they are the size of a nerf football? I am gross. Once again, OH WELL! We met Our friends Pete and Hiedi there with their kids and then Autumn and Bryant as well! It was nice to see them all and just hang out and talk and laugh as adults. After that we went to the church where Autumn and Bryant were having their luncheon the next day. We, well, I didnt, but put up the tables and chairs and then we went on our own back to the hotel.
The next morning we woke up early and went to the temple for the whole reason we came...the sealing! It was ABSOLUTELY amazing. It cried my eyes out. I held out for quite a while but when I hugged atutumn at the end it was uncontrollable. I couldn't even spill out the words I love you. It was probably (other than our own) one of the best sealings I have ever been to. I am so close to Autumn and we have been through A LOT since 8th grade and I am so grateful I was able to be there.
We drove over to the luncheon afterwards and ate some yummy lunch and met up with some long time friends.

Becky, Autumn, me and Andrea...we all went to high school together.

Me, Becky and Autumn. We have been best friends since high school and it was SO neat being together again. I miss the 3 of us. I miss Becky. We don't talk as much as I'd like to, but when we saw each other it was JUST like we had talked everyday. Not awkward, just fun and comfortable! I know Autumn felt the same way too.

Jer and I at the luncheon.
After the luncheon we went back to the hotel and changed and then went over to Autumns house to play and talk. Poor Jer and Bry, it was just a bunch of little school girls giggling and making jokes. Andrea, Becky Autumn and I were having a blast. Soon after, Becky had to leave and drive back to Tucson. (she drove all by herself, for the first time on the freeway!!!) It was a 2 hour drive and wanted to get home before it got dark. I can't blame her.
The rest of us went out to dinner and played phase 10...

Sunday morning we checked out and went and got some breakfast (yep folks, on SUNDAY morning we went to Dennys) and then we drove home...a LONG, QUIET drive home.
It was an amazing weekend and I am SO glad we got to go. Thanks to my mom for watching Kasen. I know it was hard for her, but I am grateful!! It was nice to have one last getaway before the baby comes.
Kasen was so happy to see us when we got home, he kept coming up to me giving me hugs and telling me "Im so glad youre home mommy! I missed you a lot!" We sure missed the little guy too! We love him to pieces!

Here come the POSTS!

Apparently I am quite the slacker as it is when it comes to blogging. APPARENTLY I am even worse at blogging when I am pregnant. Here comes the month of Feb. I will put special events in their own posts, but just try to summarize the rest.