Tuesday, May 22, 2007

do, re, MIMI....

Kasen and I went to Mimis Cafe tonight with a friend. She took a few pictures of Kasen eating his super buttery noodles. It was so funny because his face was just SO greasy.
But it was cute nonetheless. Kasen just being silly as usual.
Boy, I totally feel tan next to my kid! That's a nice and very unfamiliar, BUT welcome feeling.
Look mommy, it's a baby one!
Greasy Cheeks!
Greasy FACE and noodle mouth!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Simpsons PLUS two!

Jeremy and I took Kasen to see Shrek today at the movie theatre. When we walked in we saw this HUGE life size Simpson Family on the couch and everything. Jeremy got this HUGE grin on his face and I knew right away what he wanted. There was an open space on the couch next to Homer and he wanted to sit there and get his picture taken like the lady who was there when we walked in. This is how the next conversation went:

Brittany: Do you want your picture taken with the Simpsons?

Jeremy: Oh no, it's ok. ( I could totally tell he did)

Brittany: Are you sure? I have my camera in my purse...

Jeremy: No it's ok. Don't worry about it.

Brittany: Oh come on! You know you want to!

Jeremy: OK let's go! (with the worlds biggest smile on his face)

Brittany: See I knew you wanted to!

Jeremy: I know!

Isn't that the cutest/biggest smile you have seen Jeremy with!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My messed up tile

So I worked really hard on making these tiles for my mom and for Jeremys mom for mothers day. I don't know what happened but they turned out PRETTY bad. I was actually able to salvage one of them and I am glad I pulled them out of the trash can. I sat them on the table and the sat there for a week until I finally decided that my imperfections were going to have to be good enough, so I messed with it a little bit and made it better.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mommy Time at Chick Fil A

Our Chick Fil A has Mommy Time on Wed. mornings. Our playgroup makes a point of out going at least once a month. It's from 9-11 so not that many people go. Apparently I am not the only one who likes to hang out in their pj's all morning. So there were only 5 of us who went. They watch your kids for you while you hang out and eat and chat. They have a section in the corner by the indoor playground blocked off for the kids to play in. They have bean bags, books and toys, face painting...(or hand painting) and usually some sort of a craft that they help your child make. It's pretty fun actually. This was my first time going and I plan on going back too. Sunnie, Melissa, Amanda, me, and Karleen.

So, Kasen is pretty independent these days and just ran off when we got there. Like I said it's all blocked off so I was fine with that. He went and got in line all by himself to get his hand painted. They have a big posterboard full of things you can pick from. Both BOY and GIRL things. When they are neutral things you can pick the color too. Kasen came running back to me and PROUDLY said, "look mommy! Look mommy! Pink butterfly!" All the girls around me laughed and to be honest I had to laugh too. I looked at him and his eyes were GLOWING. He was so proud that he did it by himself, picked it out by himself and everything. I said "oh Kasen, wow, how manly, a butterfly, daddy will be so proud!" then everyone started laughing again. His smile QUICKLY turned to a frown and he got embarassed. I felt so bad, I told him we could go get a different painting on his face too. And that made him feel better. I chose this time. A basketball.
As previously stated, it's really hard to get Kasen to smile for pictures.

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Last week as a playgroup we went to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. Kasen was pretty good but still HATES to get his picture taken. (Can I just say how frustrating it is to have a kid who wont even be around a camera...when my FAVORITE passion is to scrapbook...doesn't work out so well) He did like walking around looking at the flowers. He kept saying "pretty flowers mommy" over and over again They have a playground there that he played on after we were done looking at the flowers. This was like 1 out of 20 that turned out. As you can see I was tickling him.
By his finger and his eyes, you can tell he certainly wasn't having fun and totally wanted the camera out of his face. Oh well. Maybe next year.
I love this girl! She is my sister in law. I can say that without it being weird.
Just a different angle of the fields.
Brielle was having the same issue as Kasen. Didn't want her picture taken. Once again...oh well. Maybe next year.

Elephant Man

We went to the Elephant Bar a couple weekends ago and Kasen loved the atmosphere. The kids meals were totally cheap and they actually had plain buttered noodles which is one of Kasen's 5 foods. So, we were in luck. It was only 2.99 with a drink, the noodles AND a ice cream sundae afterwards that Jeremy and I helped ourselves to since Kase doesn't like ice cream so much. With the kids meal they give you a mask for the kids to punch out and wear around their ears like a pair of glasses. Kasen just though he was HILARIOUS. Of course we egged him on giving him funny looks and stuff. He had a good time. It was cute.