Saturday, January 19, 2008

I knew it was just a matter of time...

I am so depressed right now! The worst part? When it was over..."Let's watch it again Daddy!"
What am I going to do? I've lost another one! Grr...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ever After Scrapbooks

Ok, so I want to know if anyone else got a gift card from Ever After in the mail? I am really not sure why I got one and I was wondering if anyone else who shops there did. Not that I am complaining. Just a little confused. Have I really spent THAT much money there that they sent me a gift card for their store? lol...sad.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Family Feud Pics! FINALLY!

So we finally got our family feud pics emailed to us. Aren't we so cool lookin with those name tags? I tried to convince them that since I was a scrapbooker I REALLY needed to take home my name tag. They weren't havin it. They re-use them with each episode. They are removeable letter stickers.
This is the pose we made up for the beginning of the show. My poor sister Jen.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good Housekeeping in 1955!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

While we were in Washington, we were able to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. It was on Saturday Dec. 22nd. Jeremy's parents told us about a nice place that they had gone to with some friends and recommended it to us for our anniversary dinner. They watched Kasen while Jeremy and I went to a really nice restaurant called Stanley and Seaforts, it was high on a cliff and overlooked Tacoma. It was really nice and the view was gorgeous. The food was fabulous and it was so nice to be with Jeremy ALONE for a couple hours and just enjoy each others company.
I am so happy that we are married and I feel so lucky to be married to someone who takes such good care of me. I love Jeremy to death and am so proud to call him my husband. (until he pulls out the star wars books). He is such a good daddy to Kasen and we are both lucky to have him in our lives. I love you Jeremy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Movies

This is a movie of Braxton and Kasen playing ping pong together. :) HILARIOUS! He's got the real tennis grunts going on and everything. Kasen is the one on the far side where the light is, Uncle Mike was holding him. Uncle Cam is holding Braxton.

This is a movie of Brandon opening his homemade Christmas present (name exchange gift) from Jeremy. He was delighted as you can tell. I mean, really? Who wouldn't be with that kind of gift? That's a quality present right there.

The Good Shepherd

Every other year we go to Jeremys parents house for Christmas. 3 of the 5 Bruce kids are married and so we all have the same year to go see his family and it makes for a great, but crowded home! Between parents, kids, grandparents and grandkids there were 15 of us in a 4 bdrm house. Jeremy Kasen and I slept in the guest room. Katie, Jeremy's 19 yr old sister slept in the craft room, Cameron...jeremys 15 yr old brother slept on the couch in the tv room, his parents of course had their room (the grandparents only stayed over night on christmas eve), jeremys brother brandon, nichole and braxton shared Cam's room, Isaac the 15 mos old slept in the laundry room, and Jeremys 22 yr old sister Megan and hubby Mike slept in the glass door office on an air mattress. They put up sheets for curtains over the door. It was interesting, but honestly? I wouldn't want it any other way for 2009 Christmas! It was so nice to be close to everyone except when Isaac decided not to sleep at 4am just about every night we were there. Poor kid. We forgive you!
They got a ping pong table last year and we had a huge tournament between all the adults. There were 10 people competing. It was hilarious. We seriously had some good laughs out in the garage in the middle of the night. I love getting family together. Jeremy's brother Cameron won the tournament with a close 2nd by brother in law Mike. I beat all the girls, but when it came to playing the guys, I got my booty kicked. Although, I will note...I BEAT JEREMY. ha! Kasen loved playing...he thought it was so great. Hopefully he will take after his mommy and play tennis one day.
Every Christmas Eve Jeremy's family replays the Nativity scene while Jeremy's dad reads from the scriptures. It really helps to put focus on what the real meaning of the holiday is and everyone gets to participate. There are always some good laughs when everyone gets into costume. I was busy wrapping presents when the parts were assigned, so I got to be the stage manager. :) Kasen was a sheperd along with his cousin Braxton. We had mary(katie) and joseph(cameron), the angel (megan) and the 3 wisemen (mike, jeremy and brandon). I really like this tradition and REALLY want to start it when my family gets bigger. Maybe I can make my family do it this coming year. Who knows. Anway.

Another tradition is to make gingerbread houses together. We all sit around the table and get to make them with all the candy you can imagine. By the time we were done we all felt super sick from eating candy as we went and licking our fingers if we got frosting on them.
Braxton, Kasen's cousin who is about 2 month younger than him taught Kasen to wrestle while we were there. Kasen had fun pinning Braxton, but anytime Braxton would try to pin Kasen, he flipped out. He doesn't quite get the concept yet. But it was still cute to see them rolling around putting each other in headlocks. Jeremy and Brandon always have to prove a point when they see each other. Jeremy is bigger and stronger than Brandon, STILL. lol

I had such a great Christmas with the Bruce family. I look forward to doing it again in 2 years. Thank you for everything!!! We love you!