Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My ACTUAL Birthday

My Birthday was on Saturday the 18th, but we had a halloween party to go to that night, so we celebrated on Friday night. The night before.
Jeremy and I went to this tasty restaurant called Bistro West it was suggested by a friend, and we actually quite liked it. It's in Carlsbad over by the outlets. Kind of hidden though. Nice place.

After that we went on a search for our Halloween costumes for the party the next day, we had some on order that didn't get here in time, long story. On the way to the store, we got a flat tire, and Jeremy got to change his first flat tire. He did pretty well!

So all we really had time for was dinner, then we picked Kasen up from Crystals (thanks for watching him) and went home. Either way, it was just nice to be alone and even just have dinner quietly! Thanks babe for taking me to dinner!

My ward had Super Saturday the morning of my birthday so I went with my friend Sam and made a couple crafts. Well only 1 craft, but a couple of them. It was a good way to spend my birthday morning. I love crafting!!

Afterwards Sam and I were on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume for me for later that night. We hit up a couple places knowing what we wanted, and FINALLY finding what we wanted at a Thrift Store and then finishing it off in the Target clearance section. Thanks for coming with me Sam!

Later that night we went to the party and actually WON best costume! All the people there voted for their first and second favorites, and we won. Yaay! All that shopping paid off! Here are a few pictures of the party!
The theme of the party was "meant for each other" so Jeremy and I were trying to think OUTSIDE the box. We are White Trailer Trash. His name was Billy Bob, and mine was Sugar. I was pregnant and he had a patch on his back that said "Paradise Acres Trailer Park"

SUNDAY: Family Party.
On Sunday my family came over to help me celebrate my birthday. My mom made a dinner at my request (homemade potato soup) and made me a tasty cake too!! Thanks to my family for coming over to celebrate ME! :)

And just to let you know, I blew ALL 28 candles out in ONE breath!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soup. Salad. Breadsticks.

Can I just say that I love Olive Gardens soup, salad, breadsticks offer! It's $7.95 for all you can eat, whatever kind you want. So tasty and so fun!

Sam and I decided that would be a good fun place to go. We stopped at Carls Jr for Kasen on the way and then went to eat. They have a super tasty new soup, Chicken Gnocchi. SUPERB! That was the only soup Sam tried she loved it that much.

Thanks for hanging out with me Sam! We need to do it again soon!!

Mommy Night out for my Birthday!

Crystal planned a mommy night out for my birthday! It was so sweet of her! All I had to do was pick the place, Macaroni Grill, and she did the rest! I am SOO grateful for her as a friend and for doing something SO special for me. She knows that birthdays are still a big deal to me for some reason, and she made the best out of it for me!! Thanks dear! I love you!

A special thanks to all who came too and helped celebrate with me. I felt so dang special and I must admit, it was REALLY nice to see that people care about me outside my family. Thanks for the great presents too! ;) Me and the Party Planner, Crystal
Its so dark! But thats all of us!
Staci and April
Sarah, Cassie (braxton) and Amanda
Melissa, Eva, Kristin, Kim

Me, Crystal, Becki and Sam

Field Trip

Kasen's class went on a field trip to the local Pumpkin Patch, Bates Nut Farm. Most of the moms went with the kids to help out, and we had a lot of fun. It was about 90 degrees though, and thats no fun in October. They got a package deal for going with his school. He loves going, and we are actually going again this weekend with family. Kasen and his preschool class.
So happy to be at the pumpkin patch.
Pony Rides
Petting the animals
Searching for the perfect pumpkin, which he found!

Kasen posing by the corn husks.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My New Camera

My new birthday present from Jeremy was a camera. It came in the mail yesterday and as sweet as my husband is, he wanted me to have it as early as possible so I can play around with it and get used to it. Im really excited. I don't have a whole lot figure out yet, but I am working on it. Im reading the manual slowly and taking pictures as I learn things. Here are a few I took on friday. I watched Brielle and Elijah yesterday for quite a while so their parents could go see a concert at the Staples Center.

Like I said, I am not experienced yet, these are just a few I took last night. The quality is just so much better than the old camera I have had for 6 years! Im excited! :)

trying out different lighting and settings

Daughters of God

Funny how things like this pop up when you or someone you know needs it the most. I hope someone can gain something, for themselves while reading this. I know I did. Read it a few times. Read it alone. Out loud, quietly. It's amazing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Extreme Heat+No Air=SWEAT!

This was around 1:30 or so. This is our thermometer the tells you on the left, how hot it is in our house, and on the right how hot it is outside. (must have been in the direct sun, but still it was at LEAST 100)

ITS OCTOBER!!! There are already 2 different fires on Camp Pendleton! Blah. Here we go again with the fire season. Hopefully none will get close to us this year like they did last.

Quail Botanical Gardens

We went to QBG yesterday with some friends. It was a lot of fun hanging out with my friends, Kasen had a good time playing with his friends too, but the place was SO boring. I am not really sure, maybe we didn't see all we could have, but we walked around for quite a while. We did see a snake however, that was probably the highlight of the kids day.

Shane, Brielle the pimp, and Kasen

Alex, Eva, Kasen, Brielle and Shane

Lale, Lana, me, Melissa, Crystal and Brooke

Picasso Bruce

I saw this idea on a friends blog who saw it on a friends blog! Did that make sense?

Just starting out.

He couldn't have enough colors. I just used my acrylic paints and put a little of each paint if a dixie cup. Luckily Michaels had a sale on these foam brushes a couple weeks ago. 20/$1. He used all 20 with 20 different colors of paints.
He had so much fun doing this! It took him FOREVER. I painted the back ground a dark blue first so that he wouldn't feel obligated to paint the whole thing. Every inch, every square. But he did a pretty good job! He is SO proud of himself. It's hanging up in the house and he smiles at it everytime he walks by.


This was a conversation Kasen and I had this morning on our way to meet friends for breakfast:

Kasen: I miss my dog.
Me: Bailey is at home Kase, we will see her when we get back
Kasen: NOT Bailey mom
Me: then who?
Kasen: Pumpkin, he's in heaven
Me: (trying to ignore the fact that he doesnt have a dog named pumpkin, nor has he ever, I say) I had a doggy when I was little, she went to heaven too
Kasen: Is she in heaven with pumpkin?
Me: Who is pumpkin?
Kasen: my dog, that died
Me: Kasen you don't have a dog named pumpkin, your dog is Bailey and she is alive and waiting at home for us
Kasen: (getting really upset that I am not taking this seriously he says) NO MOM! MY DOG! PUMPKIN. SHE DIED!
Me: What did your dog pumpkin look like Kasen?
Kasen: He had black stripes and pink polk a dots
Me: (laughing out loud, thinking he is pulling a joke on me...I look back and he has the more serious face)
Kasen: It's not funny mom, I miss him!
Me: Sorry Kase
Kasen: It's ok mom, I'll see him again.

I don't get it. Does he know something I don't? Does he actually remember something? He is a special little boy, that's for sure. It really makes me wonder.