Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kasen and Bailey

Kasen is as good as a 3 year old is to a dog. Maybe just a tad bit better. Bailey? She is better than any dog I know with a kid. He pulls her tail, grabs her ears, tries to sit on her, attacks her, tickles ( scratches) her, but most of all....LOVES to play with her. They play fetch and just run around and chase each other. It's really cute. He gets laughing so hard sometimes that he starts coughing. Bailey starts panting, and yet they still play.

They love each other a lot. Although I think Bailey gets rather annoyed by him quite often. He misses her when we are gone, she runs to him and licks him when we get home. They really do love each other. This is a video I took of them this past week in my parents room playing with her toys.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Holy Drama!


I feel like I am 12 right now because I am seriously so excited for "The Hills" to start in LESS THAN A MONTH! Check out the trailer! So much drama! I know that a lot of this is acting, but we all still watch it anyways don't we? I knew Stephanie was trouble! She is Spencers sister. Of course.

Anyone else excited?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Last Thursday...

Last Thursday we had a mommy's night out with our playgroup. I was pretty excited to go since I hadn't had a break in a while. We started the night with some tasty dinner at Olive Garden. I haven't been there in a while because Jeremy doesn't really LIKE anything there. Surprise surprise. He is quite the picky eater when it comes to restaurants. So I was glad to go with some friends. Afterwards we went and hung out some more and had a great time! Thanks for playing ladies!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


My roots are gone! WOO HOO!! It's been a long time comin! Kasen also got his shaggy mane cut as well!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Camping at the Beach

I decided to get this post on here ASAP so that Susie would have something new to look at FINALLY. :)

Today we went to the beach on base (Camp Pendleton) at San Onofre where my sister and her family are camping. It was actually really fun. A couple of our friends went with us and my mom and Crystal and Jeanine came too.

We hung out by Jen's camper while we waited for everyone to get there, and then we walked down to a better part of the beach and played played played!

Kasen had so much fun with his cousins. SO much fun. It's always good for him to hang out with other little boys because I feel like he turns into a real boy. He doesn't cry or complain, he just sucks it up and has genuine fun! Dawson and Everett live about 45 min away and lately we have been seeing a lot of them and Kasen gets so excited when I tell him they get to play together.

My friend Kendyl's little boy Justin. Every time he would crawl around he would put his puff in the sand and dig it further in, but that didn't stop him from chowing down. He will have some fun diapers for a couple days. lol
Kasen and his cousins were dumping water on their heads and Kasen dumped a bucket of water that had a little bit of sand in it.
This was the result. It took me a good 5 minutes of scrubbing his head in the shower and I still don't think I got all the sand out. Oh well, he thought it was fun.
Kasen ALSO saw his cousin Everett get buried in the sand and wanted to do it too. Not my son! I was freaking out while I was burying him and it wasn't even me under the sand. Good for him for being outgoing.
My friend Melissa's little girl Mary. As soon as Melissa put Mary down she darted as fast as she could crawl down towards the water, it was cute.
Elijah has no fear. He climbs and rolls and tumbles all over, hence the sandy face after being there for only about 5 minutes. Cute boy.
Kasen and his beach "bum" cousin Everett
Everett, Kasen and Dawson being silly
The girls hanging out, snacking and chatting. Fun stuff!
p.s. Melissa I hope your foot is ok...(she got stung by a bee for the first time EVER, she stepped on it in the sand, and it was pretty traumatic, but she made it out OK!) However, like I told you in the lifeguard station, I still think I was more dramatic when I was stung a few years ago, than you were today! ha ha... I take the prize!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My splendid Dr visit! NOT!

So I hinted a bit at my mom to watch Kasen while I went to the Dr but she had other things to do and I didn't want to bother her so I didn't flat out ask her to take Kasen for me while I was gone. I didn't want to take Kasen because he has a massive attitude right now and has this disease called "selective hearing" I am hoping it's curable. For now? It's working it's way out, but still there.

We get to the Dr and we are waiting in the little room they put us in. We are reading books to each other and everything is going well until the PA walks in. (my normal Dr didn't have an appt til Thur. and I wanted to be seen before then) I am sitting in the chair, Kasen is sitting in the kiddie chair next to me. (green Diego chair). The Dr asks me to get up on the table so he can check out my eye. At this time I get up and move and so does Kasen. He takes the chair I was in and I sit on the table as I was asked. The dr is now looking at my eye and asking me my symptoms. Kasen continues to drag the green Diego chair over to his char so he can rest his feet on it. With all the noise, the Dr turns around and here is how the rest of my appt goes:

Dr: Now Kasen (he asked his name when he came in the room) you need to choose a chair. You can have both, you can only have one." Then he pulls the green Diego chair out from under his feet and puts it back.

Kasen: "NOOOOO"

Me: "Kasen you need to choose a seat and we can't put our feet on other peoples chairs"

Kasen: "BLAH! NOOOOOO!" Being the fun 3 yr old that he is. Letting us know he doesn't agree with the dr moving the chair away.

Dr: (turning to me) "Does he know what time out is?"

Me: "oh yeah, he sure does"

Dr: (turning now to MY kid) "Ok Kasen, that's a time out! Go sit in the corner!" Kasen is freaking out now and the Dr takes the green Diego chair and puts it in the corner. Walks towards Kasen to grab him and Kasen starts screaming harder...

Kasen: "no! mommy! I want mommy! mommy!"

I get up off the table thinking to myself (excuse my language...) WHO the HE&* does he think he is? So I walk over to Kasen fully knowing that if I put him in time out the screaming will continue and I didn't want to deal with that in front of a stranger and especially in a Dr's office. So I ask Kasen...

Me: "Kasen will you come sit with mommy on the table and be a good boy and keep your hands to yourself?"

Before Kasen even has a chance to answer....

Dr: "No actually Kasen, you need to go to time out"

Kasen: (now hugging my legs as tight as he can) "mommy no! mommy! mommy!"

The Dr then proceeds to walk over and pull the back of MY sons shirt trying to pry him off my leg so he can put MY son in time out.

At this point I was laughing because once again....WHO the he$% does this guy think he is telling MY child to go to time out? Does he not see his mother RIGHT here? I will be the first one to put Kasen in time out for his naughty behavior. I just didn't want to deal with the drama at the Dr office while I can barely see out of my left eye.

To get the dr. to stop pulling on MY sons shirt, I walk over to the chair in the corner and sit Kasen there. I squat down and tell him...

Me: "Kasen you aren't being very nice. You need to listen to mommy and sit here nicely while the Dr tries to help mommy's eye feel better. It makes me very sad when you aren't nice and when you don't listen"

Kasen: "AHH!"

Dr: (pulling out his stop watch) "Ok Kasen you need to sit there for one minute, and when one minute is up, I will let you know when you can get out"

While Kasen is pouting in the corner all sorts of thoughts are running through my mind. I don't know what to do. I am shocked! SPEECHLESS. I start laughing again because I am so shocked.

The Dr tells me I have an eye infection in each of my eyes, the left one is worse and I spread it to the right eye. He wants to take me out of the office to do a vision test.

Dr: "Kasen I am going to take your mom out, your 1 minute is up, do you want to come?"

Kasen: "AHH!"

Dr.: "Ok if you aren't going to be nice, you can stay there until you are"

And he walks out of the room.

Kasen stayed there until I came back to get him and we left. Once I got in the car I started getting all hot and sweaty and REALLY upset. I almost wish my eye wasn't getting better so I can go back and see him and tell him off. Oh well. The Lord must have known what I would have said to the man so he shocked me so much that I went speechless. HOW RUDE of that Dr. Blah.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My lame eye-WARNING- ugly pics!

SO ever since about T hursday night my left eye has really been bothering me. Thursday night it felt like there was something sharp in my eye. Then for a couple days it watered and burned really bad.....yesterday it started to get swollen and today? Check it out. Yes, I know....make up does wonders for me...I just go out of the shower and have none on, I have a Dr appt at 12:30, so we will see what's goin's blurring my vision and giving me bad headaches too. Lovely, eh? I am thinking in grown eyelash? Clogged tear duct? Who knows. It's my actual eyelid. Nothing is wrong with my actual eye. Just the lid. It hurts too...!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

We went to my brother Greg's house for the 4th of July and we had SO much fun! We hung out and had a bbq that everyone contributed to, and just let the kids and Bailey play together.

Celebrating my dad and my nephew Everett's birthday.

Silly Elijah

My mom bought a cheap ole Slip N Slide and they kids had a hay day on it. They played for over an hour. Well Kasen did anyway. Some of the other kids got sick of it and then Kasen kept playing. He loved getting the water all over his face and sliding up and down.

Nephew Brodie (12)
Niece Brielle (3)
Nephew Dawson (6)
Nephew Everett (almost 4)
Kasen (3)

Bailey (5) :) Hangin out on the slip n slide
My mom, Crystal, My sister Jen and I. I think Jeanine was in fixing the a/c for us.
Lee, Jen, Zac and Jeremy playing badminton.

The built in trampoline. Dawson and Everett. Excuse the nudist. At least you can't see anything.

Not the most flattering pic of my parents...but here they are.
My family.
My brother Greg and his family. Jeanine, Sidney, Dawson and Everett.My brother Zac and his family. Crystal, Elijah and Brielle.
My sister Jen and her family. Lee, Brodie and Bronwen (11)

Finally....My trip to Utah

I've been pretty exhausted and busy since I got home from Utah. Kasen is sick with bronchitis and a really bad ear infection which explains all the screaming on the drive home through the mountains. (nightmare)......Bailey has an ear infection in each ear as well. Yaay for sick kids/dogs!

Before I got home though....I had a GREAT time in Utah. I was definitely ready to come home though. It was hard being by myself and taking care of Kasen and his 3 year old snotty attitude all by myself. He did have his good moments though and that made it worth it.

Here was my agenda:

Wed- Drive 12 hours to get to Utah. It shouldn't take that long, but when you have a 3 year old who needs to pee every 2 hours, ya gotta stop. We got there around 7:30 at night. Nichole had dinner waiting for us and the boys went and played.

Braxton, Kasen and Isaac

Thurs- We woke up and took the boys to Kangaroo Zoo. It's a fun place that has a ton of different kinds of bouncy houses. They loved it. That night my brother in law watched all the boys while we went and played Bunco. It was fun. They way they play it is, everyone donates $10 and the host makes dinner and gets prizes for everyone worth $10. That way everyone gets to win a prize and its just a matter of the picking order for the prizes. I got a cute vinyl sign. It was fun.

Fri- We met up with my friend Nyree whom I haven't seen in years. I miss her so much and it was great to see her. I actually got to see her a couple times while I was there, but this was the first. Later that night, we went scrapbooking at my sister in laws scrapbook store. It was a lot of fun, but I will admit I like my scrapbook store better! lol....maybe thats cause I know all the people, know where everything is, and it's twice the size. Sorry Nichole, maybe you should come here and scrapbook with me!

He thought picking my nose was pretty funny, it actually hurt!

Sat- Nichole and I woke up and went and got massages at the massage school in Lindon. 1 hr for only $25! Can't beat that! It was one of the best massages I have ever had. Afterwards...conveniently the Provo Craft outlet was 2 doors down! We of course had to do a little shopping and buy some good stuff. Brandon again was watching the boys and met us at the theatre to take the boys to see Wall-e. I wasn't that fond of it to be honest, but oh well, Kasen liked it.We went shopping, Nichole, Katie (jeremys sister) and I. It was great being able to go to the stores that I totally miss! No fair! Tai Pan. Roberts. Rod Works. Shade. Brandon was such a good babysitter. That night we went to dinner at Cafe Rio and it was SO tasty! I miss that place a ton!

Sun- We went to church with Brandon and Nichole where they got to give talks on FHE in Sacrament. Fun for them. We went to Nicholes parents house for dinner and played a card game I was no good at. It was still fun though.

Cute Isaac eating his pudding popsicle.

Mon- We woke up and went down to Provo and went to BYU. I wanted to get Kasen a shirt and sweatshirt since he had grown out of his from last year. We met Nyree and her girls there and Katie came with us too. We walked around and I had some SERIOUS nostalgia! Walking on campus, through the bookstore, past the food court. All the memories. I really miss Utah. lol Never thought I would say that, but I do! Monday night we had FHE about the brother of Jared. We thought it would be appropriate since Brandon and Nichole gave their talks on the importance of FHE they day before.

Nyree and I

Tues- We went to Thanksgiving Point's petting zoo with some of Nicholes high school friends and had a good time. It was stinky, but tolerable. Kasen really enjoyed himself. Later that day, we went to meet up with a couple of my friend from when we lived there. Nyree, Susie, and Melanie (who happened to be in town from Spokane). I miss those girls. It was really nice sitting around talking with them and realizing again why were were so close when we lived by each other. We have a lot in common and our personalities are very similar. I wish I would have been able to spend more time with them. I am just glad I got to see them and their ever growing kids! All of them have had kids I have never even met! So cute. I wish we lived closer so they could all be friends, but they played together pretty well at the McDonald play place.

Petting the cow.

Feeding the goat.

Riding the pony.

I walked over to find Kasen and he was sitting in Ronalds lap eating his french fries. Too funny.

Susie, me, Melanie and Nyree

All of our kids! I won't even try to list them off....

Wed- We drove home another 12 hours and poor kasen had a tough trip. He had caught a little cold while he was in Utah and it got worse driving through the different elevations and mountains. He kept complaining and crying and it was so pathetic. I felt so helpless. I couldn't do anything. It was really frustrating. He is on antibiotics now but still coughing quite a bit.

Kasen kept wanting to play his leapster but he couldnt play it with the sun so bright cause he couldn't see the screen. So, he covered himself up with his blanket and played underneath so he could see his screen. :)

I had such a great trip, and I am SO glad to be home too. lol....Thank you Brandon and Nichole for opening your home to Kasen and I and for driving us around everywhere. You are great family!! We love you.