Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It seems like now a days all the pictures I get are like this. Kasen and a cheeseball smile. Quinn just staring at me or sleeping. Kasen will pose whenever I ask him to. Quinn growls and turns his head when I try to get one of him smiling. So for now, these will have to do :)

we are working hard on getting rid of the paci, I've given in a lot more than normal lately since i've been sick that past week. Once I get my energy back we will only get the paci out at night again.


Melanie said...

They are super adorable picture nevertheless. Your boys are so handsome. I can't believe how much Kasen is growing up. :)

Jenny Knudsen said...

So dang cute!

Shaun Nansel Whipple said...

Awwww cute pictures!