Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sunday, October 23, 2011

8 weeks ago

These family pictures were taken about 8 weeks ago by a close friend of mine, Tessa. She is amazing and captured the sweet, fun personalities of my boys. She captured the love we all have for each other in these family pictures too. So happy with them. Thanks so much Tessa for taking these special pictures of my family and my baby bump!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Wreath

I made my spring wreath finally. I actually made 2. We did a service auction at Enrichment and I offered to make a spring craft for someone. This wreath was it. Someone bid on my item and I got the privilege The only difference between hers and mine is the letter B and W.

Mark it!

Today while eating lunch Quinn was wondering around and got very quiet. I didnt get up right away to go look for him, I just called for him. I continued eating and he didn't come. I called for him again. He came in saying "color" and pointing to his leg. Apparently he found a purple sharpie...somewhere!

It was in BOTH ears. Like IN his ears. On his tongue, legs, head, lips,
all over! Its still stained on his legs, but thankfully the rest came off. He definitely is my mischievous boy!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Changes at 30

I started a new blog today.

Life is constantly changing. Good and/or bad. This is pretty much my new journal. I need a place to vent. To share excitement. To drown in my sorrows. To brag. This will be it.

I plan on being myself on this blog. No beating around the bush. No sugar coating. This is me. This is real. This is my life. So if you get offended easily, you might not want to read this new blog of mine. I'm not going to be dirty or anything...but I do use the words crap, dang, freak and so forth....again if those offend, don't read the new blog.

Ladies and Gentlemen? Introducing my NEW blog....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It seems like now a days all the pictures I get are like this. Kasen and a cheeseball smile. Quinn just staring at me or sleeping. Kasen will pose whenever I ask him to. Quinn growls and turns his head when I try to get one of him smiling. So for now, these will have to do :)

we are working hard on getting rid of the paci, I've given in a lot more than normal lately since i've been sick that past week. Once I get my energy back we will only get the paci out at night again.

Friday, February 11, 2011

PT day 3 update

Quinn is doing great at his potting training. He has only had a couple accidents during the day and has pooped on the potty twice now! Im so so proud of him. He is pretty proud of himself too. It's cute. He still likes his privacy and has yet to go potty with me in the room with him. I have to get up and leave so that he will go. It's pretty funny. I sure do hope this continues!!!! Wish me luck!